Rule of 3 Productions

Trinity & Other Works

Trinity is a classically inspired trio exploring the many triple goddesses throughout mythology and their cyclical nature. Contemporary in style, the piece begins and ends with a full trio, with three solos in between. The solos feed into one another and move through the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Reviewed as "elegant" and "exultant", it runs 18-minutes.

Other Sample Works

  • Just Breathe . . . – An abstract, light-hearted quartet, the focus of this piece was on finding support from surrounding presences and shedding daily stresses. 3-minutes, music by Ludovico Einaudi.
  • Through the Wasteland – Modern duet following a couple from a barren time of disinterest and disregard through the reawakening of their relationship. Selected to represent BCD at the Decatur Arts Festival after its initial performance. 5-minutes, music by Alberto Iglesias.
  • Thorns - Contemporary pas de deux based on the darker legends of Sleeping Beauty, the objectification of the female prize and her own complicity in the same. 7-minutes, music by Samuel Barber.