Rule of 3 Productions

The Company

Rule of 3 Dance grew out of Joanna Brooks’ Brooks & Company Dance. Ms. McGeehan was a founding member of BCD and eventually their assistant director. When Ms. Brooks was given an opportunity to pursue her graduate degree in film at SCAD, it lined up beautifully with the evolution of Rule of 3 Productions.

Rule of 3 - Dance
Rule of 3 - Dance
Rule of 3 - Dance

Above all else, we try to keep a light heart about our work, believing that the most beautiful things are created in a safe, nurturing, and playful environment. So much of what we create is found through exploration and experimentation with movement. Rule of 3 looks forward to producing not only Ms. McGeehan’s choreography, but the works of many of the talented dancers as well!

Sarah Kelly Kerr

Sarah Kelly Kerr has a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of South Florida. She has exquisite ballet and modern technique, but beyond that she is an evocative performer capable of moving an audience to tears. Her kindness of spirit and unwavering hard work have become a cornerstone of the company. In addition to dancing with Ro3, Sarah teaches ballet, tap, jazz, and modern, along with Zumba. She recently ran a Zumba marathon to raise money for the Northside Hospital Cancer Care Program and her classes can be found through Zumba with Sarah Kelly Kerr.

Jena Michele Kovash

Jena Michele Kovash is the organizational backbone of Ro3 Dance and single-handedly makes sure no tiny detail goes unnoticed or unpolished. She ensures we continually refine our training and sets a impressive physical bar(re) for technique. She’s also a fabulous character actress and comedienne, doing extensive research on every role, which brings a captivating depth to her portrayals. She’s also a beautifully giving performer. She has a BFA in Dance from Florida State University and teaches ballet throughout the Atlanta area, including for our rehearsal hosts Tolbert-Yilmaz School of Dance.

Stephen Loch

Stephen Loch received his BFA in Dance at Western Kentucky University, shifting from his original focus of musical theater. His background in sports served him well in his new pursuit. Since graduating, he has performed in Italy, with the Stephen Foster Story, Unto These Hills, ZFX Flying Effects, The Atlanta Opera, and Brooks & Company Dance. He has choreographed numerous works of his own. He is a fantastic partner as well as dancer in his own right. His willingness to experiment with complex lifts in studio is priceless. No matter how vague or complex, he can find a way to bring an image into reality, making him a wonderful muse.

Kristyn McGeehan

Kristyn McGeehan directs Rule of 3 Dance and really hates talking about herself. She feels very blessed to work with all of these fantastic dancers. Their willingness to perform her work and stick with her through this transition is the highest praise she could ask for. In addition to being a choreographer, she teaches dance at Good Moves, works as a massage therapist, and keeps up with her very cool twin sons.

Cara O’Grady

Cara O’Grady dances with many companies throughout Atlanta and all of them wish they could clone her. She is easily the fiercest performer in the state, approaching every new project with absolute fearlessness. She received her BFA in Dance from the University of Georgia via Park Pointe University. She’s currently performing with Gathering Wild, Blake Dalton’s Crossover Movement Arts, and is the co-director of Notchyomamas Dance Project. She has explosive jumps, a wicked sense of humor, and can easily lift any dancer in the company without breaking a sweat.

Cara O’Grady

Sally O’Grady, like her sister, performs with many companies in the area. She was the the youngest dancer to apprentice with CORE Concert Dance Company in Athens and now performs with Gathering Wild, Blake Dalton’s Crossover Movement Arts, and Notchyomamas Dance Project. She is always willing to experiment in rehearsal, helping us develop ever more intriguing partnering work. On stage she brings both a playfulness and vulnerability to her performances. In addition to being a very talented dancer, Sally is a gifted massage therapist.

Rose Shields

Rose Shields received her BFA in Dance from the University of NC School of the Arts. She's a dancer, acrobat, actress, and aerialist. She can tie herself in knots, climb anything (be it a tree or another dancer), and demonstrates incredible strength. She can switch from a graceful muse in Trinity to an ancient, crippled hag in Baba Yaga. In addition to dancing with Ro3, she performs with The Imperial Opa and CORE, dances with several choreographers in Atlanta, and teaches dance with Good Moves. Her favorite color is purple and she's a closet break dancer, as well as having fantastic taste in music.

New Faces

Hillary Andrews

Hillary Andrews is currently a Junior at Kennesaw State University. She received her early training with Good Moves. She has always been a powerhouse performer, catching choreographers' eyes at a young age. McGeehan first set a solo piece on her for a Brooks and Company Shorts performance while Hillary was still a high school student. Currently she performs with the KSU Dance Company while pursuing her Ba in Dance and minoring in Spanish (Hola!). She hopes to travel and dance all over the world once she graduates. We count ourselves lucky to have her on our stage while we can!

Ben Dobmeyer

Ben Dobmeyer also received his early training with Good Moves, where he currently assistant teaches. He has also attended Connecticut College. The Good Moves Consort creates not only technically proficient young dancers, but true performers. Ben has a good partnering background and has the rare talent of bringing a comedic flair to his performances as needed. He brings that same wry humor to the studio, making him a welcome addition.

Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell is a man of infinite talents. He is the co-founder of the AJC Decatur Book Festival, and a partner in and co-founder of Chronicle, an editorial and creative services firm. He is the President of the Board for CORE and sits on the board for the Emory Friends of Dance. He also dances and studies everywhere! He dances with Crossover Movement Arts, Atlanta Contact Improv, and studies aerial dance with The D'Air Project.