Rule of 3 Productions

Into the Dark Wood

Come with us.
Follow the lighted trail through the familiar shadows.
Shadows of lost loves, betrayals, foiled desires, and the many deaths and rebirths that lead us from one day to the next.
Come with us . . .
Into the Dark Wood.

Into the Dark Wood is a dance-theater collaboration following three timeless fairy tales. It premiered with Brooks & Company Dance in January of 2012. Ms. McGeehan selected stories that spoke to her, inspired her, and would build one upon the next. The Ice Queen with its battle between cold perfection and warm human frailty, the wit needed to escape the machinations of Baba Yaga, the bravery required to stare down the murderous Mr. Fox.

Dance is a visceral way to explore a story. It frees us from the safe boundaries of language and lets us experience a tale through movement, breath, and emotion. Yet many audiences need a doorway into such tales, a guide to set them on the path. In hopes of offering that, McGeehan collaborated with others - writers, actors, musicians - and created something a little different, a performance style that we hope you will find as captivating as we do.

With a cast of 6-9 dancers and one narrator, Into the Dark Wood, runs about an hour. Each tale has its own distinctive movement vocabulary, musical style, and visual flair. Yet each tale is also thematically unified to one another as well as to the central narrator.