Genetic Advantage: Trained Combatant – Atlanteans may pay 2 fewer build for one weapon skill.

Atlanteans hold to a very martial and military lifestyle whether it’s their form of psionics known as Mag Moytura, or becoming a member of the Tide Guard who watch the oceans for raiders. Every child of Atlantis becomes a citizen when they reach to the age of maturity, and every citizen serves a stint in the active military of Atlantis for a time. For some this may simply be clerical work for the senate, while for others it may mean defending against the endless skirmishes on the northern coast of the continent. Not all make a career out of being a soldier, but every person in Atlantis knows their way around a weapon of choice, be it bow, sword, or spear, from the lowliest fisherman to the greatest of the Legionnaires.

Dress is simple, usually being a form of toga or jerkin and loose pants, sometimes coupled with a cloak of some fashion. Colors are usually very bright with a few exceptions, and typically denote the household or principality the Atlantean comes from.

Please Note: This genetic background and culture require Plot Approval. An Atlantean can only come from the Atlantean culture, and only an Atlantean genetic background can take the Atlantean cultural background. This culture is also being intentionally left with less details than most cultures and races due to its newness to the story.