The galaxy hosts many different races and cultures. Below are the ones currently available to players as PCs.


Humans in the Eclipse universe come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. They have no make-up requirements in most cases, and span the gamut on conceptual interests.

Fringer Shootout

  • The Imperium of Mankind – Arguably the most powerful of the Human cultures, the Imperium was once a totalitarian state guided in large by the teachings of their Church before they segmented on Eclipse. The people of the Imperium embrace the practice of mechanical augmentation and are know to be the experts in cybernetics in the galaxy. Read more »
    Example Imperial Concepts: Space Marine, Medical Bio-engineer, or Cyber Cleric
  • Fringers – Originally formed when a large group of humans fled the confining strictures of the Imperium, this loose conglomeration of free peoples found a way to thrive on the harshest of the galaxy’s planets before coming to Eclipse. The Fringe was the de facto home of mutants in the galaxy. Read more »
    Example Fringer Concepts: Pit Fighter, Mutant Smuggler, or Space Shaman
  • The Meurlain – A separate offshoot of humanity, they are the preeminent masters of pursuits of the mind. Their society embraces science, mathematics, and the philosophies of logic. As such, they have become the most knowledgeable race on Eclipse regarding psionics and Gate travel. Read more »
    Example Meurlain Concepts: Astrophysicist, Zen Warrior, or Interstellar Guide
  • Atlanteans – Native to Eclipse, these warriors from birth bear an immense pride in their weapon skills as well as their homelands. They are cautious and brave as they traverse shores not their own. Read more »
    Example Atlantean Concepts: Steam Engineer, Tide Guardian, or Questing Ranger
  • Suzaki – The Suzaki were once known as the Shavori before they broke free of the chains of their masters, the Ahramni, and gave themselves a new name. They endured great hardships and escaped by various means, living among the wilds of Eclipse in roving convoy camps. They never stay in one place long. With their skills in craftsmanship and artistry, they fill a needed gap in any community setting. Read more »
    Example Suzaki Concepts: Space Gypsy, Risky Courier, Woodcarving Prodigy


Each different from the last, the races of the Tribes are myriad and masterful. Each carries a specific make-up requirement to match their unique abilities.

Kshathran and Dahhak Fight

  • Dahhak – The horned Dahhak are most well-known for their persuasive nature and their selfless sacrifice of their planet to the Thinking Machines to buy time for the rest of the galaxy. Read more »
    Example Dahhak Concepts: Underworld Trafficker, Information Dealer, or Agile Scrapper
  • Kshathran – The silicon-based Kshathra were enslaved by the Dahhak until 200 years ago when they rebelled and took the Dahhak home world as their own. They’re on better terms now, but they’ll never forget. Read more »
    Example Kshathran Concepts: Paladin, Elite Crafter, or Ancestral Lorekeeper.
  • Midir – The insectoid Midir are an unusual race whose struggles during the Thinking Machine invasion mandated a thorough comprehension of martial combat that continues throughout their day to day life on Middian, marking them as an emerging Tribe of efficient and hardy warriors much changed from what they were. Read more »
    Example Midir Concepts: Displaced Merchant, Wandering Survivor, or Hardy Veteran
  • Nasu – Symbiotic creatures that inhabit the recently dead and bond to those bodies to better function in humanoid societies. While they make many uncomfortable, their natural aptitude towards the healing arts make them invaluable to others. Read more »
    Example Nasu Concepts: Psychic Healer, Cultural Mediator, or Non-lethal Warrior
  • Yazatas – Paradoxical, plant-based lifeforms with an undeniable bond to nature, and a technological aptitude that rivals most in the galaxy. Read more »
    Example Yazatas Concepts: Explosives Engineer, Experimental Pharmacist, or Mechanical Artisan