White Falls

White Falls symbolMajority Residents: Imperials, Shavori (Dyzanites), & “The Family”
Location: Eastern Hyperborea

On the eastern coast of Hyperborea lies the settlement of White Falls. The location itself pre-dates the colonization of Eclipse, but it was not established as the settlement it is now until almost 9 months prior to the Battle of Middian. Built on the back of a still-functioning hydroelectric dam, this settlement provides shelter for many including Imperials, Dyzanites under the rule of Lord Jastor, as well as a colorful group of psions (formerly from the swamps of Erlik) called the Family. These three factions share power within the settlement, each deferring to another’s area of expertise as the need arises. The Family roves the outskirts of the area, wafting in and out of the bordering swamps at a seeming whim. The Imperials here, many formerly of House Juntach, keep to the traditions of the Mikaeta school of discipline. They honorably guard the settlement with their superior swordsmanship while Jastor tends to the medical attentions of the area.

The energy generated by the dam affords this settlement an edge on powering advanced labs that allow a major export of needed medical supplies between settlements. Mutations are strong among the Dyzanites and there’s been a noticeable rise in genetic adaptations since the founding of the settlement. This may be due in part to the large concentration of so many with an understanding of this way of life, and many say it’s rumored those Dyzanites who’ve lived with Mutations the longest have the ability to awaken the knowledge in others as needed.

All in all, folks say White Falls is a place you can go to get the things you need, whether that’s medical attention, martial training, or just room to grow. It’s even rumored throughout the turbine slums that if the surface world can’t get you what you need, the Family’s matriarch, Granny Fanchon, can… for the right price. Whether your needs are many or few, this is a settlement thriving on the edge of advancement for all.

If you are playing a character from White Falls, please let the plot team know that in your character history. There is more information available for characters who have an approved character history from this Settlement.