Downings symbolMajority Residents: Nasu, Kshathra, & Fringers
Location: Southeast Hyperborea

A few days walk from the southern coast of Hyperborea, triangulated between the settlements of White Falls and the Compound, lies the settlement of Downings. This settlement first began almost two years before the Battle of Middian, though it didn’t turn into a full blown settlement until just months before the final fight with the Thinking Machines. What began as a Fringer underground party bunker has quickly grown into a cavernous maze of diverse living. Nasu feel most at home in the sunless complex of stone, and many say the thrum of the surrounding archeotech plasma vents reminds them of their former deep-ocean home of Neith. Ksthathran likewise find themselves very comfortable within the confines of this mineral-rich environment which the local Atar practitioners say only immerses them further within their philosophy with its sturdy stone walls.

Pit Fighting is the leisure of choice among these settlers. The frequent sparring and semi-monthly tournaments give both fighters and healers alike ample opportunity to sharpen their skills. Martial prowess gives way to both dartlike dual-wielders and masked Matara disciples alike. People find the sport keeps tempers cool outside the cavern arena, and the local Rangers of Avalon find they don’t mind that much at all. On any given night, more than one of the lawmen Rangers can be seen standing ready to haul a losing party (and sometimes the victor too) down to their Church Shrine clinic of choice, there to be healed by any of the many psionic and medical personnel on duty at the time.

Whether you’re a lively livin’-it-up type, a disciplined fighter looking for quick coin, or just needing a quiet corner to give your thoughts up to the gods, Downings has the edge on subterranean living in this (or any) part of the planet.

If you are playing a character from Downings, please let the plot team know that in your character history. There is more information available for characters who have an approved character history from this Settlement.