The Golden Age or The Age of Enlightenment

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GA = Golden Age

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537.GA The Emperor calls for a meeting of the warlords and inter-human conflict ceases. The Households’ sovereignty is recognized and Humanity rallies under the banner of the Emperor Pollox. Mankind begins to reassert its dominance in the galaxy. The Forlorn Hope, an ancient War Machine supposedly built by one of the original Imperial Warlords, is dusted off and becomes the symbol of the war effort.

536.GA The reason for the conflict is lost in antiquity, but in the year 536 battles erupted across the galaxy, Tribe members fought Tribe members and Humanity turned in upon itself. People who had never even seen a weapon were picking up arms and marching to war.

50.GA – 535.GA Most of the records from this age are lost. What is known is that prosperity reigned, and it is an age of plenty. Populations grow and science and thinking are advanced. Emperors come and go, Tribes live and trade with no aggression. The Fringe, despite its remoteness, prospers as a wilderness to be explored and cataloged.

45.GA In a very public address, the Emperor tells his subjects that he is returning to the arms of Eheih. Within days of the broadcast the Emperor quietly passes. His son Nickolai is crowned, and during his coronation he is seen to glow and it is declared that he, like his father, has ascended to godhood and he is bound and masked as his father was before him. This sets the precedent for every Emperor or Empress since.

10.GA Except for incursion by Warp creatures, conflict is unknown throughout the galaxy. The Machines are gone and the Golden Age blossoms and knowledge and thinking is shared amongst the peoples of the galaxy. The Empress gives birth to a son. He is named Nickolai Al’Eld.

6.GA Emperor Al’Eld weds the sister of Natalia Severis. Sabriel Al’Eld becomes the first Empress of Mankind.

5.GA The Imperium and Meurlain sweep across the Galaxy destroying all remnants of the Machines. Late in the year they encounter the planet Vohu and the first peaceful meeting with the Tribes is held.

1.GA The true extent of the treachery of the Machines weapon is felt when Imperials realize they are losing the ability to open Gates. The Church declares that this is an ancient and terrible curse. Fortunately, the Empire encounters the Meurlain, and had they not forged an alliance with them the worlds of the Imperium would quickly have become isolated.

0.GA The warlords name Jerich Al’Eld I Emperor of the free peoples, and at his coronation he visibly ascends and is recognized as a living god. The Imperial Church is established and the Great Crusade begins. Later that year, each warlord is recognized and given a planet to govern in the name of the Emperor.