The Dark Age of Technology

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Little is known about the Dark Age. It was a time when all living beings were the subjects of cruel, uncaring Thinking Machines. While these machines sat in their grotesque, mathematical contemplation, experimenting with unnatural forces and unholy energies, mankind was cruelly used as menial labor or worse. It is surmised that the world of Eclipse was moved and or constructed some time during this age if not before. During this era the Gates were supposedly stable and easy to traverse with little or no danger of Ephris or Warp entities. Up until the war, the Humans and Tribes were separate and ignorant of each others existence.

BGA = Before the Golden Age

Items are listed Most Recent to Least

1.BGA The final year of conflict. The Machines are pushed to one final planet; the hive world of Akier. On the eve of the final battle, the Machines make a final desperate attempt to stop Al’Eld, by detonating an ancient weapon from the Age of Legends within the Web Ways. Their intent was to catch Al’Eld and his companions unaware and annihilate them, but the Lady of Paths had a vision of this treachery and expelled her friends from the Web at the last moment before it could kill them.

The weapon killed all beings within the Web and destabilized the structure of the Gates. This made it nearly impossible for the Army of Mankind to move upon the final stronghold of the Machines. Natalia Severis, the Lady of Paths, had faith that she could open the Gate to allow the army through. The strain of opening the destabilized gateway and the evil that was seeping through the cracks was more than she could bear, and after the army moved through intact, she collapsed dead in Jerich’s arms.

The sacrifice of the Lady of Paths drives the warlords’ armies into a frenzy; the Machines are decimated. The Machine leader, X11, is brought low and broken by Jerich Al’Eld’s bare hands. The few survivors are driven into the Epherium, never to return.

5.BGA On the run and unable to continue to build new Machines, the Robot King X11 falls back to its last Forge world. By this time most of Tranquility, the Outlands and the Fringe are liberated. Only the Sea of Light remains controlled by the Machines.

8.BGA The Machines begin a campaign of genocide against all living beings. Entire slave populations are wiped out and billions die in a matter of days. Unknown to one another, the armies of Mankind and the Tribes fight tirelessly against the Machines and exact a heavy toll by destroying many of the Machines factories and communications relay stations.

9.BGA On the planet Patala, the Saijin and his followers reappear on the plains of Tulku, taking the Leader of the Machines and his army by surprise. The battle is said to have involved massive unknown energies and the skies were covered in lightning and beams of light. Although massively outnumbered, the Saijin and his followers force the machines back and caused them to retreat. The Meurlain suffered heavy losses and many who witnessed the battle were struck blind. Despite this, the Machines would never return to Patala.

10.BGA During a massive Dahhak uprising, the world Known as Dagan is taken from the Machines. Six weeks later the Machines unleash atomics on the planet and billions die. During the same year, the Army of Kenshu retaliates and the forge world of Praxis is destroyed utterly by a terrorist attack that starts a chain reaction in the planet’s fission reactors. This blow massively cripples the Machines production of Assault Drones.

14.BGA Tribe members on the planet Vohu, in response to the Battle of Tears, start the resistance army known as the Holy Army of Kenshu. Legend says the Generals of this army were actually Avatars of the Gods. Vohu is the first world taken by the Tribes from the Machines.

15.BGA By this point the 10 warlords of legend have joined in the holy war with the Al’Eld. The armies of mankind exact a heavy toll on the Machines and many Machines are re-appropriated to other parts of space. The Tribe worlds are called upon for slave warriors who are then fitted with explosive control collars and given basic weaponry. This is the first time in recorded History of a meeting between the Tribes and Humanity. Despite huge numbers the Tribal warriors prove to be useless against AL’Eld’s forces as they lay down their weaponry when confronted with living adversaries. The Machines suffer a massive loss. All of the slaves are destroyed. This was known as the Battle of Tears.

18.BGA Saijin and several thousand followers simply disappear from Ogun.

20.BGA Jerich Al’Eld begins his holy war against the evil of the Machines. He is only 15 years old.

30.BGA Saijin Meurlai appears on the planet Ogun seemingly from out of no where.

35.BGA Jerich Al’Eld I is born into slavery. It is speculated that Al’Eld is a title that was taken or bestowed on the young boy once the holy war began.