After the Great War (Current Era)

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AGW = After the Great War

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163.AGW In the fifth month of the year, the Thinking Machines arrive upon the planet of Eclipse (also known as Middian). They attack multiple locations including the settlements of Morgan’s Landing, Elder’s Grove, Kree Archive, The Compound, White Falls, and Downings as well as the remote location known only as Station Prime, and many cities upon the continent of Atlantis. The attacks are brutal and more than 50% of the world’s population is destroyed. Reports correlate that the Machines have the advantage, but mysteriously begin exploding en mass just a few hours after midnight on the day now known as the Battle of Middian.

The planet is mysteriously relocated at the culmination of this battle, moving to a completely new galaxy with no known way of returning.

162.AGW The Second Great War begins as the robots invade and demolish the Midir homeworld of Trita, followed by the Fringer homeworlds of Erlik and Naraka. The Dahhak willingly implode their own planet to slow the progression of the Machines. Before the robot armies reach Imperial space, Verus Al’Eld is slain. A legitimate candidate for Emperor comes forward named Jerich Al’Eld II. He possesses the Voice of Thunder (an audible ability born only to those of the House’s blood). The civil war ends, and the Houses unify in the face of the robot invasion. The Kshathran homeworld of Vairya is attacked by the robots and repels them successfully. The Imperial worlds of Ottar and Jord are destroyed before the juggernaut army of the Machines. The FPDF (Free Peoples Defense Force) is established and formalized by treaty. It’s goal is to unify all people of the Origo galaxy against the threat of the Thinking Machines.

161.AGW The Empire announces Empress Gheverie Al’Eld has died giving birth to a daughter. The Empire bursts into civil war as Houses vie for possession of the throne, many believing the child to be a fake. A man calling himself Verus Al’Eld claims to be Gheverie’s sibling in hiding. The terrorist known as Sorrow is killed.

160.AGW The terrorist known as Sorrow releases explosives carrying the Creeper Virus throughout the Origo galaxy. Many planets, both Tribe and non, are decimated by the virus. The Imperial Army of the Scourge rises under Warmaster Gaunt, provoking wave after wave of political witch hunts among the Imperial Houses and escalating tension in the Empire. A group of individuals known as the Champions of Ehieh appear before the Warmaster and his closest squadron. Armies of the Scourge begin defecting to the side of the Champions and stories spread that the group is indeed god-touched. Warmaster Gaunt is named a traitor to the Empire and deposed of by the Champions. The Army of the Scourge becomes the Army of the Covenant and begins working to unify the Empire again.

159.AGW Conflict erupts among Imperials as it comes to light that the House Juntach is building an Army of Synthetic warriors. At the same time an unknown culture known as the Ahramni attack and hold the planet of Tokpela in Imperial space for the better part of a month. These new “Invaders” use unknown technology and are reported to have ripped apart any cyborg they caught during their occupation. During this time somehow they reportedly locked the Gate out of the Web Ways and ran unchecked through Tokpela City looting and then leaving with close to 1,000 hostages.

158.AGW The war against the terrorist forces on Haven ebbs then dramatically escalates as a new Tribe terrorist cell calling their self the Children of Sorrow begin to attack any human element in Tribal space. Sorrow unleashes several horrors on the Galaxy, one is the Huge mechanized walking tank that destroys half of Haven city, the other is a series of Viral bombs that kill thousands in Tribe space. A manifesto emerges stating that any Tribe members dealing with Humanity are traitors and should be treated as such.

The Imperials up the game and declare a “Third Levy,” pulling in all military reserves to combat the well armed and highly trained forces of the “Children of Sorrow.”

Rama Gunderson, now being called King Rama by all of the former gang leaders of Taranis, commits 100,000 troops to the war effort on Haven. This move causes many political ripples and starts an almost panic amongst some of the Imperial Generals. The Grand Army of the Fringe proves itself to be highly efficient in the close quarters urban warfare style of combat common on Haven and are reported to out perform the Imperial troops by 75% or better. Sorrow soon pulls up roots and makes a break for the Gate. Reports indicate that the woman known as Sorrow escaped with a small contingent of Aeshma warriors and disappeared through the Gate.

157.AGW The Leaders of the Galaxy agree to meet and sign the treaty of Eclipse. They set the often contested world of Vohu (Haven) as a neutral zone for this treaty.

Mere days before the signing Imperial forces uncover a plot by a terrorist known as The Good Man (Jack Farson) to kill the Empress and an intense armed conflict erupts on Haven between the Imperials and Terrorist forces. The treaty is secretly moved to Eclipse itself in the newly built Gate Town. Reps from almost every culture and race are present.

In a social and political coup, the Taranis gang leader and mob boss Rama Gunderson (known to some as “The Maul”) presents the FTU with one million credits and the forces necessary to back a spot in the treaty.

156.AGW Sporadic scouting parties are sent to the phantom world. Little was discovered as the Gate is seemingly random in its openings and destinations. The next year sees several corporations try and move to exploit the planet but the Tribes and Imperials are quick to stop this. An Imperial party returns with a cache of recovered Archeotech, one piece is an ancient antimatter gun inscribed with the words “Eclipse Project. base # 19.” This discovery earns the planet’s nickname: Eclipse.

The F.T.U.( Free Trade Union), a neutral corporation, presents a Treaty to the powers that be for the exploration and colonization of the planet Eclipse.

154.AGW Web Guides discover a single Web Path leading directly into the center of the galaxy with a full Gate termination point. The Meurlain concluded that such a thing simply could not exist. “Everyone knows,” they reasoned, “the center of the galaxy is too dense with stars and nebula to allow a Web Gate access anywhere within the core.”

Scouting parties were dispatched and returned with stories and pictures of a planet ripe with flora, fauna and resources but strangely devoid of sentient life. Soon after they presented their findings, an emissary from the Tribes appeared at the Gate on the Imperial Capital world of Akeir. He came with a laurel and outstretched hand, bringing news and peace from the Tribes.

The Tribes had also become aware of this strange planet, and discovered in their religious scriptures a reference naming this the “Place of Beginning;” the origin planet of life itself. Their holy texts also said that the rediscovery of this place was a turning point for all life; not just Tribe but human as well, and the texts stressed that its mysteries should shared by all. “It is the boon and benefit of all who make the pilgrimage and can endure its hardships, for it was said they shall become truly enlightened.”

The Empire was of course distrustful, but the Meurlain counseled that the emissary had noble and right intent about him. It was agreed that a conclave would be held and the leaders of men would speak with the leaders of the Tribes before any further explorations of the planet were made.

149.AGW Emperor Augustus Al’Eld ascends to heaven and his 9 year old daughter is crowned Empress of Mankind.

140.AGW The future Empress, Gheviere Al’Eld, is born in October of this year.

1.AGW – 139.AGW The Imperials continue to prosper and develop. The Meurlain stay quiet and reflective. The Tribes try and scratch out a existence in the Outlands and, surprisingly, do very well despite harsh conditions. Populations grow, they will never reach the billions of billions that existed before the war but they continue to grow none the less.

The Fringe experiences a bloom of new mutations, some even begin to manifest “powers.” The Imperium is very quick to decry these abominations and actively hunts them on worlds where they maintain an influence.