Origo Corporations

Imperial Corporations

Many manufacturers exist, here is just a few of the larger well known ones.

Weiloph Medical Technologies

Owned by Weilok and Eioph
Manufactures: Slap patches, Injectors, Scanners, Medical tools, and many other disposable medical devices.

Their products are easy to get, but shoddy compared to the older better tech from the war. Also known for the production of the synthetic beings used as slave labor in the empire.

Black Star

Owned by Weilok, with Fi’grim as close partners.
Manufactures: Cybernetics under the Imperial Charter for the Imperial army, and military equipment.


Owned by Svarog, Kree, Weilok, and Vinro.
Produces: Computers and communication systems under the royal charter for the Empire.

Huron Arms

Manufactures: Guns, Guns, and more Guns.

Maker of all Imperial issue firearms. Also creates master crafted grade weapons of the Gunsel. Operates under The Imperial Charter.

Juntachi Steel

Sword makers and Armorers, operates under the Imperial charter.

Blue Light

Privately owned by Cormac and Kree
Manufactures: Cheap goods and sundries.

Halo Industries

Owned by House Svarog
Produces batteries, force fields and energy emission devices.

Imperial Wainwright Guild

The Wainwright Guild is made up of Meurlain that work for the Empire exclusively. They may have once been born into an Imperial family, but displayed Astrogation potential. Or they may be pure born Meurlain that have developed a taste for Imperial living. They are the transport mechanism for the entire Empire.

Fringer Corporations

Broken Sun

Home base on the planet Taranis.
Manufactures: Cheap Drugs and Alcohol

Orpheon Inc.

Exporter of exotic goods from across the Fringe. Usually caters to rich Imperial families with exotic tastes.

Tribal Corporations


Run by the Nasu
Manufactures: Drugs and medical supplies.

Power and Labor. Inc

Run by the Dahhak
Procures: Slaves and all things to do with slavery.

Keresik Armories

Run by the Kshathra
Manufactures: Fine armor and weaponry, also makes excellent tools and instruments.

Technologies Unlimited

Run by the Yazatas


Everything in Midir society is ran like a corporation.


Owned by the Dahhak
Manufactures: Crystalline batteries, for everything from guns to space shuttles.

Nebulous Corporations

Free Trade Union

Made up of humans and tribesmen
This corporation seeks to further trade between the races. They handle trade negotiations and movement of goods through the Web Ways. Many people believe the Meurlain secretly hold high positions within this corporation. This corporation is practically unknown in Imperial space.

Light Speed Deliveries

A completely Neutral organization that moves freely from planet to planet
Delivery service for missives and letters.

Hunters Guild

Bounty hunters, if you want someone found they are your people.

Corporate Protection League

Mercenaries and security forces for hire
“Why elect a sheriff when you can hire one who can call in air strikes and commandos?”