Many corporations existed back in the Origo galaxy. They were collections of individuals who sometimes existed under the laws of one culture over another. Sometimes they were just big ol’ groups of people who had a business to run. Regardless, most of ’em are gone now, what with the move to a new galaxy and all though you can read about them over yonder. But some still exist…

Avalon Ltd

Avalon rangers were responsible for ensuring that the legal rights of all those residing upon Eclipse were upheld. They also kept an eye on things to make sure the legal structure of the Treaty of Eclipse was upheld prior to the galaxy jump. They did this via the dispatch of “Justices” empowered to make binding rulings as well as administer justice according to the laws of the governments’ signatory to the Treaty. Now that the old galaxy is who knows how far away, these guys have turned to being the lawmen of Downings.

Free Trade Union

Originally established in 152 AGW, this corporation has its roots in Fringer culture. What began as an endeavor to facilitate trade quickly went from being human only to mutually owned and executed by both Fringers and various Tribe factions when exploration of Eclipse began. As a neutral party comprised of many cultural interests, it was recommended by the Meurlain that the FTU be the corporation to head up supply operations in the planet’s primary colony of Gate Town. Since the war, they have adapted to fulfilling needs for all settlements on Eclipse including a fully functioning job recruitment hub.

Light Speed Deliveries

A completely Neutral organization that moves freely from settlement to settlement as a delivery service for missives and letters. Rumored to be backed by the Kree Archive.

Nog’s Grog

A popular brewery corporation, they set up shop long before the planet jumped galaxies. It is the popular sponsor of many a Pit Fighter.