Every planet has its dangers, some more than most. Below are some of the more common monsters (some of them men!) known to Eclipse. Any space cowboy with intentions of travelling about Eclipse would have a debrief on these bad boys.

Armadillo Bears

Genetically altered bears with super-hardened, armor-plated shells, and a face only a mother could love. You’ll want a strong arm or a sharp-shooter with piercing rounds to get to the soft underbelly of these beasts.

Chills, Shivers, and Wraiths

These wafting, smoke-like creatures are said to be the lost souls of men and women who stepped off the path in the Web Ways, never to return. When the war started in earnest, their numbers seemed to multiply. You’ll hear their whispering hisses before you see them, but keep your eyes peeled, they can shift in and out of this world at a moment’s notice. The Chills are the babies of the lot, with no aura color to their black smoke bodies. Blue auras mean you have a lesser Shiver on your hands, and green means a greater, while red means a Wraith. Back in the Fringe, Wraiths were the stuff of legends; known to tear a whole settlement apart single-handed with no survivors… The creepiest thing about these suckers? They all have faces.


Funny-looking humanoids. Every continent on Eclipse has its own clan and each clan differs in its objectives. Some revere machinery, while others praise the preservation of nature and would kill to see it kept as-is. Be careful to educate yourself to each clan before attempting to interact with one. It could just save your life.

Dragon Wolves

Clever little critters. They travel in packs like their namesakes once did. However, these ones are special and just as genetically modified as the armadillo bears. What they lack in armor, they make up for in speed and the strongest can even spit acid! But don’t go brandishing your swords at these pups, for a killing blow that cuts a vital artery will find itself met with the corrosive acid they bear in their very blood.


Yet another genetically altered beastie. These ones bear a hyper-intelligence that belies their grotesque bodies. Their many legs end in peculiar hands for which we can only guess the purpose…


Crazed humans who have turned to the worship of the Fringer Goddess of Chaos, Nidregg. These spiral-lovin’ cultists come from all walks of life and have recently demonstrated more than their a-typical mutant tricks, but rather a curious strength in both psionics and Martial Maneuvers.

War Bots

Everyone thought they were a myth. The Thinking Machines were just ancient stories told in the epic stanzas of old when the Imperial House of Al’Eld first came into rule. But they came back, and no one can refute that they aren’t real anymore, or that they aren’t literally what could be called “killing machines.”