Welcome to the world of Eclipse. In this section, you will find information on the planets, races, history, corporations, settlements, psionics, disciplines, technology, economy, and some of the universe’s known dangers as well as much more. All of the information presented in this section may be considered in-play common knowledge. If you don’t think your character would know it, however, it is fine to roleplay that aspect too.

Please note that while this is a science fiction game, it also has heavy fantasy overtones at times. So while you might never meet a proper elf in the Eclipse universe, you are bound to come across as many cyborgs as you are woojoo rituals, be they religion related or otherwise.

The year is currently 164 AGW (After the Great War)

One thousand years ago, the Great Galactic War began

No living beings remember why the war began, but all know that it laid our galaxy to waste. There seemed to be conflict without end. Billions of lives, both human and non, were lost for reasons forgotten with time.

It has been less than two centuries since the War ended

Humanity emerged victorious, but at an extremely high price. Whole systems laid in ruin, and entire planetary populations and cultures were lost. After the signing of the Treaty of Tantive, the non-human Tribes retreated deep into a remote quadrant of the Origo galaxy to try and recover. For the Tribes, the future looked bleak. After the one-thousand year long conflict, resources had become very slim and the once great race of mankind struggled to reassert itself as the rulers of the galaxy. In this time, mankind ruled nearly three quarters of the galaxy, or so he would tell himself. Whole systems were left barren and Web Gates increasingly lead to lifeless towns and naked rock that once teemed with living beings. Strange things emerged from the Web Ways, and Paths leading to no where became more common. It was as if the galaxy herself had started to move on.

In the year 154 AGW, an anomaly was detected within the Web Way

Web Guides discovered a single strand leading directly into the center of the galaxy with a full Gate termination point. The Meurlain concluded that such a thing simply could not exist. “Everyone knows,” they reasoned, “the center of the galaxy is too dense with stars and nebula to allow a Web Gate access any where within the core.” Scouting parties were dispatched and returned with stories and pictures of a planet ripe with life and resources but strangely devoid of sentient life. Soon after they presented their findings, an emissary from the Tribes appeared at the main Gate on the Imperial Capital world of Akeir. He came with a laurel and outstretched hand, bringing news and peace from the Tribes. The Tribes had also become aware of this strange planet and discovered in their religious scriptures a reference naming this the “Place of Beginning”; the origin planet of life itself. Their holy texts also said that the rediscovery of this place was a turning point for all life; not just Tribe but human as well, and the texts stressed that its mysteries should shared by all. “It is to the boon and benefit of all to make the pilgrimage and endure its hardships, for it is said they shall become truly enlightened.” The Empire was of course distrustful, but the Meurlain counseled that the emissary had noble and right intent about him. It was agreed that a conclave would be held and the leaders of men would speak with the leaders of the Tribes before any further explorations of the planet were made.

In the year 162 AGW, the Thinking Machine invasion began

Eclipse had seen moderate colonies spring up since exploration began. Contact with some of the native settlements had been established. Then the Thinking Machine invasion began, first attacking the Midir home world of Trita. Over the course of a year, the galaxy saw the banding together of planet after planet as entire civilizations were brought low, and entire worlds reduced to rubble. The combined efforts of an entire galaxy were not enough to completely stop the relentless advance of the robot armies, but it did buy time for those upon Eclipse as it became apparent after a short time that this was where the invading army was headed.

In the fifth month of the year 163 AGW, Eclipse vanished from the Origo Galaxy

As the final battle with the robots and their leader came to a close, the inhabitants of Eclipse found themselves victorious, but at a heavy cost. They had destroyed one of the great ships ferrying the Thinking Machines to their world, but a second remained uncontested. With their weapons emptied and nowhere else to turn to, the colonists of Gate Town endeavored upon a great sacrifice. They had discovered the planet was a ship; a mechanical prodigy. They could destroy the second ship, but only if they moved the planet itself, leaving behind homes and family. To save their galaxy from extinction, they took this chance. Now all they know lies far away…