Forbidden Materials


Most Eclipse events take place at state parks; these parks have strict rules prohibiting alcohol. Additionally, intoxicants and boffer combat are a poor combination. As a general rule, there is no alcohol at Eclipse events. Do not bring it with you. Do not consume it. Do not arrive at an event under the influence. From time to time, there may be non-combat events at suitable venues where these rules are relaxed (for players of legal drinking age only!); if that is the case for a particular event, it will be announced.


Illegal drugs are never welcome at Eclipse events. Do not bring them, do not use them, do not arrive at an event high.

If you are using prescription drugs which impair you, you are required to notify a Staff Member. Depending on the severity of the impairment, you might be required to attend the event as a Non-Combatant, for safety reasons.


Non-game weapons (firearms or otherwise) are not to be brought to Eclipse events. You are welcome to leave them locked in your vehicle, if that is permitted by the rules of the venue. At some non-combat events, such as games at conventions, appropriate weaponry (peacebound, please) may be allowed as part of your costuming – this will be announced if it is the case.