Children & Minors

Please keep in mind our policy reflects our hope that we can create the best in-game atmosphere for our Live Action Roleplaying events. We like kids… we even have some of our own!

Eclipse, like all Rule of 3 Games, has an 18+ policy. Exceptions may be made for those over the age of 14 on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of staff. Such players must obey any guidelines and restrictions set for them by Staff, and have the permission or attendance of a parent or guardian. All other children must follow the guidelines below.

  • For One Day events, children (under the age of 17) are allowed on site as Non-combatants (orange headband).
  • Accompanying guardian must also wear an orange headband.
  • For overnight events such as Campovers and Three Day Events, children are not allowed in In-Play locations. A cabin in an In-Play area is considered In-Play.
  • Children should stay within 10 feet and in line of sight of guardian.