Rule of Three Productions and Eclipse exist because of volunteers who spend their time and energy helping with the game. Our volunteers do everything from making sure that weapons are safe and available for our NPC volunteers, to writing storylines, and everything in between. In addition to full-time Monstering, we are always looking for people who are willing to help out, and we have a wide range of opportunities that can fit anyone`s talents and skill-sets.

Mandatory Monster Time

Airbrushing our monstersFor many events, Rule of Three Productions requires each player to volunteer a certain amount of time, usually 3 hours, to assist the game in some fashion. There are several ways to meet this requirement, but the most common method is to sign up for a Monstertown slot and become an NPC for those 3 hours. This can be a lot of fun, as it gets you away from the pressures that may be hounding your PC, and lets you try out different aspects of the game system without any risk to your PC. It is also good for fighting practice.

Generally Monstertown is staffed by a small group of full time volunteers, and without PC volunteers, the resources available for adventures and in-town encounters are extremely limited. The volunteer time requirement may be waived at any time by Eclipse Staff.

Rewards of Volunteering

In many ways, volunteering for the game is one of the fastest and best ways to get involved. Through volunteering, you can meet a lot of the other players, become familiar with the staff, and learn more about the game and how everything fits together. It’s also a great way to distinguish yourself.


Rewards are offered to volunteers in the form of Buttons. These can be turned in for a number of considerations and are the game’s method of saying thank you to our volunteers. While we recognize that Buttons don’t remotely begin to compensate our volunteers for the work that they do, they do serve as our gesture of appreciation.

To find out more about current available Button opportunities, whether it’s volunteering, donating props, or making things for the game, please contact the plot staff. You can also donate money to help players attend games, or else fund the props budget, on the Donations page.

Work Day

Work Days happen maybe once or twice yearly and are announced way ahead of schedule. State parks have it hard for funding, so occasionally, Rule of 3 as a community will spend the night at the park (usually the same site we use for games) and put our general handyman skills to use fixing various issues around the site. These can range from the very simplistic such as picking up debris from storms, to slapping a fresh coat of paint on a chipping wall, or changing out busted light bulbs as well as the more complex skills of tightening up plumbing and grouting fresh tile. Volunteers are never asked to do more than they’re comfortable with and everyone is welcome, even kiddos (properly supervised). It’s just a way for us to get in better graces with the parks and rangers who run them, as well as save the state some money that would have otherwise gone to these issues.

Spending Buttons

  • Experience Points – 2 Buttons for 1 XP. Note that you are limited to 3 XP purchased this way per month. During Event months, XP received from feedback counts against the cap – if you receive 2 XP from filling out feedback, you can only purchase 1 XP with buttons. New characters can purchase additional XP, with a limit on total build of fifty (50) XP. XP bought in this way are not Creation Points, and cannot be used to purchase Advantages or skills that are reduced cost for starting characters.
  • Production Points – 1 Button for 2 PP. This is limited to 10 PP. You must still pay the Material Unit cost of what is being made, and things made cannot have any special components (level 1 energy crystals do not count as special components).
  • Extra Credits – 1 Button for 10 Credits. This is limited to 20 Buttons (200 Credits) per event. This cannot be used at the same time as Buttons for Production Points.
  • New Character Gear – 5 buttons will get you 200 credits of starting gear. This applies to gear only, you cannot get extra cash with this. Limit of 25 buttons / 1000 credits, and only at new character creation.
  • Extra Production Period – 2 Buttons for 1 Production Period at an event. Limit 1 Production Period.
  • Lab/Workshop Access – 3 Buttons for access to 1 type of Workshop, only at an event. Not usable with IBGAs.
  • Extra IBGA – 3 Buttons for 1 extra Profession or Tech IBGA. Limit to one per event. During the winter off season, limited to 10 extra.