Finding Props

It’s all about the bling bling! Am I right? Sometimes you just really want to come in looking the part. Other times you don’t even know where to begin looking to find a physical representation (phys rep) for that cool thing your character has. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a series of props that are favorites of our players (we asked, they answered); anything from diagnostic scanners to that gun you want to work but just don’t have time to modify.

What are the best guns unmodded?
Firestryke, Strongarm, Retaliator, Rampage are all solid.

What do you use for a med tech scanner?
A cell phone.

Do you use an operational cell phone? Does it use any cool apps?
Yes. I do use one (it also doubles as a comm device and a digital camera). I have two apps I use for special effects – Gravilux and Spawn3D. A better choice probably would be a text file with the rules for each diagnostic skill.

What other apps are good?
The Hacker Typer app is available for IOS and Android and is amazing for all hacker types.

What makes a good shield rep?
Bicycle blinky lights make perfect shield lights. I picked up two for $15 at Dick’s sporting goods. 

What’s a good injector phys rep?
Solder suckers are good for injectors. You can find them on Amazon.

I’m a fan of diabetic lancing devices (sans lancet, duh) they typically have 5 settings (normally for depth) that can be used for diff drugs, and you can actually cock them and pres the button for an audible click. I used to have one that was painted with vinyl dye and had a Weiloph logo on it.

For those who are somewhat stymied in the crafting department and who are somewhat strapped for cash, finding a really awesome pen that clicks and modifying it in some way (sparkly tape, paint, reflectors, etc.) to be an injector works great! You can even phys rep “injecting” with the click.

Have something you think would be a good contribution? Email us and let us know. We want to share the wealth to making our game collectively cooler.