We recognize that our players are dealing with the same economic struggles the game faces and that at times we have players who simply can’t afford to attend or can’t afford to pay full price. If you are in the position to donate a little extra, you can do so below. Our Mistress of Pre-Registration will keep track of donations as well as players in need. Please note, all donations will be kept anonymous as will all recipients.

You can also help out the game to donate to the Eclipse props budget. All donations for either purpose will be rewarded with buttons at the usual exchange of 1 button for $5. You may also purchase props directly from the Eclipse Amazon Wish List.

There are additional items that Eclipse needs that aren’t on the Amazon Wish List. For details about those or where to find specific items to purchase them, please email the General Manager or check the forums. Some items we can never get enough of however, are:

  • Tarp – plain, black gardening tarp
  • 1/2″ foam
  • 3/8″ foam, adhesive backed
  • Double sided tape – Duck brand
  • Black, brown, or red paracord
  • Craft Foam
  • Open cell foam for weapon tips

Some of those items can only be bought from specific vendors. The General Manager can help point you in the right direction for that.