BGA Examples

BGAs (or Between Game Actions) can be daunting. You may be asking yourself, what should I do with my PCs time? What would be the best use of my skills? What is even available to me? Many of the answers to these depend somewhat on where the campaign’s story is at the time, but hopefully this page can give you some ideas and guidelines.

Below are some examples of made-up BGAs designed for a specific purpose. Keep in mind that there are some loose rules surrounding BGAs so the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to reach and try new things, sometimes it gives you unexpected results! The worst that can happen is that plot will contact you to tell you your BGA isn’t completable and give you a redo.

Learning Information / Lore Exposition

Jasera is an aspiring Imperial historian who wants to learn more about the heroic feats mentioned in an ancient Tribal legend known only as The Rise of Tindroyil. The Profession skills she possesses will be invaluable to her in this, as will the tome of Tribal Tales she found in a nearby settlement.

BGA Action: “Learn more about the trials of the fish people mentioned in The Rise of Tindroyil. Cross reference the story with some of my personal library records and visit the virtual library of House Kree to seek further cross-reference material. Interview Tribe members from the settlement where the book was found to hear their telling of the tale and opinions.”
Skills and Resources Used: “Profession: Historian x3, Profession: Information Gatherer x1, Research & Development x5, the book called Tribal Tales, the Kree Historical Archives”
Collaborators: “Just me.”

Research of a New Item

Takashi is a psionics researcher who recently found a small yellow crystal in the wreckage of a crate on his last adventure. He knows that crystals are great conductors of energy and wants to study this one further to see how it might be used. He also knows that most crystals are typically something techs mess with, so a few e-techs have asked to research as well.

BGA Action: “Examine and study the yellow crystal uncovered in the wreckage.”
Skills and Resources Used: “Profession: Psionic Researcher x5, Research & Development x3, Empathy”
Collaborators: “Vern and his amazing e-tech knowledge.”

Make Some Credits

There’s two ways to make money using BGAs; via the Profession skill, and through a Tech skill. Profession gives 20 Credits per level per BGA, Tech Capacity gives 10 Credits per level per BGA.

Judd is a thug, and not just any thug. He’s a professional thug. He wants to go to Downings and see if there’s some jobs what need thugging.

BGA Action: “Use thugging profession to make money.”
Skills and Resources Used: “Profession: Thug x2”
Collaborators: “Mah guns, and I’m not talking about the ones in the holsters.”

Sarai is a skilled Armor Tech. She’d like to peddle her skills at the local market to get the word out that she’s for hire.

BGA Action: “Use Armor Tech skill to make money.”
Skills and Resources Used: “Armor Tech 7”
Collaborators: “None”