BGA Form

This form is for submitting your Between Game Actions, or BGAs. You may use up to 2 BGAs an event for free, and specify additional actions as well (see below). You may also purchase an additional responsive BGA action for three (3) buttons.

Between-Game actions represent activities your character undertakes between games to pursue various goals. These generally fall into categories:

  • Capitalist – Basically use each of or just one of your 2 BGAs to earn money via a Production skill or Profession skill. Profession gives 20 Credits per level per BGA, Tech Capacity gives 10 credits per level per BGA.
  • Research – Go to settlements and research stuff you find interesting/puzzling/might have the fate of the planet hanging on it (Please be aware if you do not have appropriate skills you may not find what you’re looking for. AKA if you are a Imperial cyborg and you want to go to White Falls to learn about mutations from the Dyzanites… you might not find much, or you may be told rather rudely to get your metallic butt out of their quarters).
  • Plot – These are fun. You can travel to new places, meet new people, try to get them to do what you want. We try our best not to harm or kill PCs in BGAs, but please, keep these within reason. Traveling into a war zone, or any place where you KNOW it is hostile territory may not get the response you wanted.

You can see some examples of each of these on the BGA Examples page.

If you are using anything to assist in an action, that really, really needs to be listed. If you are using in-play resources, we will be asking for them at the start of the following event, provided we send a response to you regarding that action. If we fail to respond to an action, do not expect to have to pay anything you would normally have to pay, that’s on us.

To reiterate, when filling out BGAs, please include ALL resources and their levels (skills, money, artifacts, etc) and ALL collaborators (PCs and NPCs) taking part in the action in the appropriate fields.

Between Game Actions

This area is intended as a place where you may dictate additional actions your character is taking. These actions will influence the Eclipse universe, but will not garner a direct, written BGA response from plot like the two actions above would. Example: “Relay the following important message to the Council in Morgan’s Landing.” Or “Spend time with my homies in Downings, just chillin”

You may specify as many additional actions as you like.

You may purchase a responsive BGA action for three (3) buttons. This BGA will be responded to the same way your standard BGAs are.