The Eclipse staff would like to recognize and give thanks to those who have contributed time and content to make our website what it is today.


A large thank you to the Dust to Dust staff for allowing the copious use of many pages worth of formatting.


The photography used on this website was contributed by the following talented individuals:

  • Caitlin Holden
  • Kate Manfre
  • Lara Miller
  • Bill Pequingot
  • Liz Towles


The illustrations found on the bestiary pages and such were contributed by Patrick Fram and are amazing.

The galaxy war map and many of the planet images were contributed by the very skilled Tanya Geiger.

Rules Documents

The many charts and documents that make up the Rulebook were contributed by our wonderful Rules Staff (past and present): Mike Haffey, Mike Flynn, Will Kotas, and Adam Miller.

Website Design

Thanks to Caitlin Holden for the design and implementation of this website. Regular Website maintenance is handled by Caitlin Holden & the Ro3 Webmaster, incorrect attributions, website bugs, typos, and other errors can be directed to Caitlin via email.

Everything Else

Artwork, photography, writing, etc, were produced by the Eclipse Staff, unless otherwise indicated above.