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Originally established in 2007, Rule of 3 Productions grew out of a decades old friendship. Owners Dave Prewitt, Joe Mines, and Kristyn McGeehan have been friends for nearly two decades and have been creating stories together for most of that time. They first created Red Button Productions, which produced interactive theater or live-action roleplaying events. From the beginning they wanted to branch into stage productions. Owner Kristyn McGeehan was simultaneously choreographing for local dance company Brooks & Company Dance. Her most recent production, in January 2012, of Into the Dark Wood, showcased the talents of many people in the Rule of 3 community. The script for the show was written by Laurie Zolkosky, the narration was provided by Angela Pearl, both of whom have worked within this community for 10 years or so. Additionally without the volunteered support and the fiscal support of the Rule of 3/Red Button community, the show could not have been produced so successfully. It seemed a very natural next step to begin producing McGeehan’s choreography directly and the company was then rebranded as Rule of 3 Productions. Into the Dark Wood circled around three fairy tales, there are three owners, and three distinct pursuits: the original game presentations, dance, and theater.

Rule of 3’s mission is to provide opportunities for new creative talent to explore and to present immersive story experiences through a variety of mediums. They enjoy crossing artistic boundaries and fostering collaboration.

As for the owners themselves, Joe loves football and trees. He even hugs trees. His favorite is a river birch. He has three seriously awesome kids and a wife who keeps things running at R3P. Dave is a successful builder with an artistic eye. He prefers Guinness to Budweiser and was probably reincarnated from a polar bear. Kristyn has too many jobs, but loves them all. One minute she’s a mom and wife, then choreographer, then technical writer, then massage therapist. She has a weakness for red wine and fairy tales.

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