Heightened Security!!


Kree Archive – At a press conference held at the Vinro Vault, Lord Wilhelm Bremmer, adviser to House Vinro, spoke on behalf of the Household and its leader Juris Vinro. He discussed matters of house security. The talk was in response to concerns about Vinro’s recent increase in mercenaries and security personnel recruitment.

Before a crowd of reporters and citizens, Bremmer stated that, “In lieu of the recent Adam plague and issues of unrest and violence befalling other settlements, Juris Vinro feels that now, more than ever, it is important to maintain the security of the Imperium and its allies. The violence that has plagued settlements like Elders Grove and the Compound, could just as easily spread to our doors if we waiver in our vigilance.” Lord Bremmer added, “Of course it is not his Grace’s wish to abandon his allies and neighbors. But we must make certain that our home is secure, before we can safely attend to the needs of others.”

Bremmer briefly answered a few questions before the conference was concluded. He declined to name any of the outside security contractors in negotiations with house Vinro, but many believe that Forza Protection Services is first and foremost on that list. When questioned about the seemingly aggressive increase in security personnel around the Vault itself, he responded that Vinro household security had discovered evidence of a ‘credible threat to Vinro and other members of the nobility’, but was unable to discuss it, as it was part of an ongoing investigation. Though he didn’t mention where this threat originated, it has been suggested that tensions with House Kree could be the cause. Supporters of Kree dismiss the claim as an excuse for their aggressive actions and feel that it will only worsen the tumultuous relationship between the two Houses.

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