End of an Era


After many years of faithful service, the train to station city is now out of commission. The station city council has finally run out of spare parts to keep it running. Maintenance has always been a challenge, since the ubiquitous nanites keep eating techonology. The train attracted much less attention than the aircraft that some dreamed of building on Eclipse, but there has been a rate of breakdown common to the harshest of planetary conditions. And the more advanced technology has been subject to even greater degradation. Which meant that the old fashioned train just kept running.

Occasional gunfire and marauder attacks have also taken their toll. Going down the Marauder Rail road is now the only consistent contact with the outside world, and no convoy has been that way in several months. Ever since the last one was attacked by marauders.

Still, the folks in Station City have thrived in isolation from the rest of Eclipse. It’s sometimes called the forgotten settlement, but they have survived through years of war, and a constant threat of marauders, so they must be doing something right.

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