Special Report, trade ties cut


Elder’s Grove is severing trade ties with the Library. Over the last few months, several plots have been discovered involving Imperials, and local officials from all four districts have clamored for something to be done. Mayor Green finally bowed to public pressure, and has declared an embargo on all traffic to and from the Library. At a press conference, he once again expressed regret that things have come to this point. However, secret incontrovertible evidence has revealed that the Library is home to an Imperial conspiracy, which threatens the Kshathrans of Downings, and the free settlement of Elder’s Grove. The 3 rivers road has been declared closed to all non-essential traffic, and convoys have been asked to cease operating on the road, “until the security situation improves”.

Sanctions have been announced against the Library, and Brax Sunder was singled out for “sponsoring terrorist activity”. Citizens have been asked to avoid contact with Imperials from the Library, even indirectly. Monitors will be sent through the Market to ensure that goods and services of the library are not being traded, “while we get everything figured out.” Mayor Green thanked all of Elder’s Grove for their patience in this trying time, and for their forbearance over the next few weeks, as EG loyalists work to “contain the current situation.”

*editor’s note – this article previously used the background image for the Library. The image has been corrected.

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