Vacation Trendsetters


This is your beloved reporter from the Library, Kitty Barclay. Well, with the spring slowly turning into the summer, the fashion set is going on vacation! Brian Astar Vinro, the BAV himself, is going to scenic White Falls. Of course, his entourage is traveling with him, as well as his very pregnant, supposedly estranged wife Maggie Faux. The granddaughter of Jolin Azanal is well known among the celebutantes of Downings, but now she’s bringing glamor back to the backwater.

Seriously, White Falls smells. I refuse to go there, no matter how many fashionable or well-connected Vinro want to spend their summer there. I’ve heard that Morgan’s Landing is also shaping up to be a popular getaway, what with the fabulous Madeline Evers-Kree, and her many admirers among the ladies of House Kree.

And returning to a story I’ve been following. The investigation of the two bombings from last year have been traced to a fringer. Some low-life named Smirking Sergei, with ties to Morgan’s Landing, who is said to have recruited the terrorists known as the Badder Garden Group. I thank Mr. Sunder for this important update, and I truly hope someone catches that miserable man and makes him pay.

I’d like an Atiran Sunrise please, with a side of vengeance. This is Kitty Barclay, signing off.

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