The Compound welcomes immigrants


Voice of The Compound Saddik Sanjani has announced that they will be opening their doors for new immigrants, especially in the outer wall area. There are also new opportunities for those wishing to advance their standing into the inner walls. The Defense against the Adam Plague was successful, but some of the Compound’s valiant defenders fell. Meaning that there are opportunities for advancement. Also, during the last six months the Compound has been building, both underground and aboveground. This means there are more living spaces, more rooftop gardens, and more room for those looking for a tolerant, secure place to raise a family.

Not only have the Imperials and Dahhak been able to unite as a people, they have kept faith with the teachings of Jerich the second. Mutants have been embraced, among both peoples. Ms. Sanjani points to the success of Gideion Kasla, a Kshathran. Even with the ancient hatred between the Dahhak and Kshathrans, people are able to live in peace at The Compound. Through Mr. Kasla’s hard work and dedication, he has set an example of hard work and dedication that is an inspiration to all. The Compound endorses the products of his company, Removable Defender. Their products are known to be of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and are a testament to tolerance and dignity. He brings glory to Sundrav, and to Ehieh.

Of course, they are still maintaining controls over the character of those they admit, but all Tribes and humans are welcome, and will be judged on the basis of their contribution to society.

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