New settlement planned on Mu


The Midir of Morgan’s Landing have announced, much to the surprise of the other residents, that they have plans to build a new settlement. The group, who call themselves Elal’s Children, have claimed land to the southwest of Morgan’s Landing. They seem to have the support of the vast majority of Midir in the settlement, and some midir from other settlements.

Baytla Carasi, the group’s leader, said, “It is vital that Midir have a place to all live together, for that is our way. This dissolution of our culture is harmful not only to our heritage but to our future. Although we may never again see our home world of Trita, we can at least show our young ones a glimpse of what it was like. We plan to call our new home Little Trita. All people will be welcome to live there, if they so choose, and we hope to have a thriving trade with the other settlements of Eclipse, Morgan’s Landing especially. I ask all Midir to come assist with this endeavor. If you cannot come, send funds. If you cannot send funds, then remember us in your prayers. Elal bless you.”

There is not yet a scheduled date for the start of construction. Although the land itself has been arranged, Elal’s Children are still in process of gethering resources, and appear to only have met a small fraction of their goal at this time.

Many in Morgan’s Landing have expressed concern that if all the Midir leave, it will severely damage the settlement. Others see it as an opportunity for expansion and growth. The Council has yet to voice its official opinion on the matter.

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