Horrific scene found at the Dam


Three bodies have been discovered at the White Falls dam. Due to the mutilated state of the deceased, a few days were needed to identify them. Authorities now report that they have been identified as Friar Ethoni, Trista of the Dyzanites, and Lieutenant Brian Juntach. All three were residents of the dam, and patrolled the catacombs beneath it together.

There are currently no leads on who or what could have committed this atrocity. House Juntach is conducting an investigation with the full support of Lord Jastor.

Lord Jastor has issued this statement, “My heart is grieved at the loss of my children, and the loss of the honorable Lieutenant Juntach. Crimes such as these will be met with swift justice. I am offering a 1000 credit reward for any information that proves useful to House Juntach’s investigation. I encourage those grieving during this time to find comfort in the churches of Dyzan, or Ehieh. No matter your personal faith, all are welcome.”

A memorial service for the deceased will take place tomorrow between noon to six at the Holy Dyzan Community Church on Broad St.

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