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Weapon & Gear Guidelines

Here's a quick and easy guide for checking/creating your weapons, armor, and shields to make sure they pass the game regulations. Remember that all weapons need to be checked by a safety marshal at every game!


The most basic specs to remember about weapons and weapon making are that the core should be made of pvc or kitespar, a .505 core minimum, with 1/2" (but preferably at least 3/4") closed cell foam on the striking surface. Tips must be open cell foam and should be larger than an eyesocket.

Latex weapons are permitted, pending safety review. If you wish to use latex weapons, it is preferable to use blunt weapons, as latex swords will probably not be approved for thrusting.

The following guides will help you in beginning boffersmithing; you can also check on the forums, as there are a number of players who are willing to make weapons for fellow PCs, for fun or profit.

You can find more information about the specific requirements for different kinds of weapons in Chapter 6 of the Rulebook.


To rate various armors, you should check out the Armor Rating Guide portion of the Rulebook


Shields must be padded with at least 5/8” closed cell foam padding around the outside edge. No uncovered bolts or other protrusions can be on the front side of the shield. Latex shields are permitted, but must be checked by a safety marshal, and must adhere to the dimensions for the specific type of shield.

You can learn more about shields and shield types in Chapter 6 of the Rulebook.