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Rule of Three Productions and Dust to Dust exist because of volunteers who spend their time and energy helping with the game. Our volunteers do everything from making sure that weapons are safe and available for our NPC volunteers, to writing storylines, and everything in between. In addition to full-time Monstering, we are always looking for people who are willing to help out, and we have a wide range of opportunities that can fit anyone`s talents and skill-sets.

Mandatory Volunteer Time

For many events, Rule of Three Productions requires each player to volunteer a certain amount of time, usually 3 hours, to assist the game in some fashion. There are several ways to meet this requirement, but the most common method is to sign up for a Monstertown slot and become an NPC for those 3 hours. This can be a lot of fun, as it gets you away from the pressures that may be hounding your PC, and lets you try out different aspects of the game system without any risk to your PC. It is also good for fighting practice.

Generally Monstertown is staffed by a small group of full time volunteers, and without PC volunteers, the resources available for adventures and in-town encounters are extremely limited. The volunteer time requirement may be waived at any time by Dust to Dust Staff.

Rewards of Volunteering

In many ways, volunteering for the game is one of the fastest and best ways to get involved. Through volunteering, you can meet a lot of the other players, become familiar with the staff, and learn more about the game and how everything fits together. It's also a great way to distinguish yourself.


Rewards are offered to volunteers in the form of Buttons. These can be turned in for a number of considerations and are the game's method of saying thank you to our volunteers. While we recognize that Buttons don't remotely begin to compensate our volunteers for the work that they do, they do serve as our gesture of appreciation.

To find out more about current available Button opportunities, whether it's volunteering, dotating props, or making things for the game, please contact the General Manager. You can also donate money to help players attend games, or else fund the props budget, on the Pre-Regisration Page.

Spending Buttons

  • 2 Buttons allows you to buy 1 Character Point (CP). Up to 3 CP can be bought per month in this manner, though the total character points earned for a weekend event can never exceed 10.
  • Production items can be bought with Buttons. Each Button allows the player to purchase up to 2 Production Points worth of items. However, the monetary cost of the item must still be paid. No player can spend more than 5 Buttons per event in this manner, for a total of 10 Production Points. Labs, Forges, etc. cannot be used in conjunction with these Production Points.
  • Players may also be permitted to spend variable amounts of Button to buy off Disadvantages or to purchase Advantages after character creation if (and only if) you receive permission form the Plot Committee. Disadvantages bought off or Advantages bought will always require a CP expenditure in addition to the Button cost.
  • Players can spend variable amounts of Button to gain special allowances for beginning characters. The Plot Committee will determine the cost for this type of expenditure. Players who intend to use Buttons in this fashion must submit their character history along with their special request at least one month in advance.
  • 1 Button can be converted into five (5) silver. Limit twenty (20) Buttons (10 gold) per event. This cannot be used the same event where Buttons were exchanged for production points.
  • 2 Buttons will grant you one additional production period per event. Limit one use per event.
  • 3 Buttons will grant you access to a lab for one event. Not for use with IBGAs.
  • 3 Buttons may be turned in for an extra In-Between Game Action. Limit one additional IBGA between games. However, after the last event of the season, Plot may announce that extra actions may be purchased.
  • Players may pay five (5) Buttons for a role in a second Historical Event or Ancient Tale, and ten (10) buttons for a role in a third Historical Event, but the events must be non-conflicting, and no one else may have claimed the event. Players may appear in a maximum of three (3) Historical Events or Ancient Tales.