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Harassment and Exploits

NOTE: As a game, we at Dust to Dust have been extremely fortunate to have had very, very few incidents of harassment at our events. Nonetheless, we feel it is important to have a clear, comprehensive policy in place so that all players feel welcome and safe at our games. Please review the below policy in that spirit. Address any questions or concerns about this policy to dtd at rule of three dot net.

The primary reason people come to Dust to Dust is to have fun. In that spirit, Rule of Three Productions has a few rules and guidelines for behaviors that ensure that the game environment, both in and out of play, is not hostile towards anyone.

There are certain concepts that are declared off limits for inclusion in the game world in any fashion, including in character histories or pasts. They include: rape, incest, racial (out of play race) slurs or bias, and gender bias. Please avoid these behaviors and topics completely while at Rule of Three Productions sponsored events. We recognize that these are real world issues that exist, but we have the luxury of excluding them from the world that we create.

Otherwise, Dust to Dust is a game that explores mature content. As such, there may be certain plot-lines that contain adult topics and themes. At no point should these plot-lines violate the terms of this policy. If you as a player or volunteer are made uncomfortable by a plotline that you are in, Dust to Dust Staff encourages you to speak up immediately so that you may be safely removed from the situation.

If you feel that anyone at the game is engaging in comments or behavior towards yourself, a player, volunteer, or staff member in a way that is unwelcome or uncomfortable, immediately contact a member of staff, an owner (Kristyn McGeehan, Dave Prewitt, Joe Mines), or the general manager (Jen Mines) with your complaint, and we will take action. Rule of Three and Dust to Dust does not tolerate harrassment of any kind of its players, volunteers, or staff.

By default, physical contact is never allowed between players. Some players may have entered into agreements allowing full contact or setting other boundaries outside of the default, but these agreements are only permissible with the full consent of both parties, and should not be expected to extend beyond the parties in question. Staff does not police full contact agreements, but will respond to reported breaches thereof.

Use common sense in dealing with others. Remember that everyone signed and agreed to a sportsmanship policy, and we ask that you treat others as well as you would have anyone treat you. Please abide by the spirit of the rules of Dust to Dust at all times, and refrain from exploiting situations where something is technically allowable but potentially abusive. Taking advantage of a hole in the rules or any other exploit is a violation of the Sportsmanship Agreement and is grounds for disciplinary action.

If you have a conflict with another player (i.e., "I believe I hit him but he did not seem to take the blow," "she was not affected by my spell but did not call a spell protective," etc.), speak to the player out of play about it. If you cannot come to a resolution, immediately bring the matter to a member of the Dust to Dust Staff and attempt to resolve the situation with their assistance. Please speak to a member of staff about any significant problems you experienced on any of these topics during the weekend before leaving site. If you are not comfortable speaking to a staff member, you can approach the Owners or General Manager mentioned above, or ask another player you're comfortable with to bring the matter forward for you.