Dust to Dust - A Fantasy LARP
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The Codex of Dust

Here you may find texts of a curious nature, that have been revealed or have yet to be revealed, by your wisdom.

In-Play Documents

In-Play Resources

  • Marath Suvla Archive-- A Player-run wiki containing a collection of knowledge gathered about Marath Suvla and the world of Dust to Dust.
  • Folktales and Fables from the Ancient World-- Nearly every child in the modern world has heard stories of ancient heroes: clever tricksters, brave warriors, and the Wise themselves, performing amazing feats unheard of in this day and age. By these stories do they learn their names, and tell the stories to younger generations. (These are the Returned version of historical events; open roles in them can be claimed by Returned PCs, and will be updated on the website.)
  • Wizard Dueling and Games-- Links to the rules of the Duel Arcane, and to other common games in the world of Dust to Dust.
  • Music of Dust to Dust-- Setting-appropriate music, of various types. Please submit additions to plot, or post on the forums.
  • Tarot of Dust-- Tarot is a mainstay of the Tharici and folk mystics the world over. The nobles in the Principalities see it as a fun diversion, and the wealthy often seek out the Tharici caravans to "get their cards read".

OOP Guides and Resources

OOP Reference and Swag

  • Dust to Dust Rulebook Copies, on Lulu-- If you've longed to have your very own, beautifully bound, Dust to Dust Rulebook, this is the link for you! Available in six different, equally gorgeous versions. Designed by one of our players, the super-talented Casey Graebner!
  • eBooks-- you can now download ebook (.mobi) versions of the rulebook and the codex of dust! Just right-click on the links and save, then upload them via USB to your kindle or other device with an e-reader app, or direct-download them from your device (will not work with the kindle/kindle fire). Thank you to Geoffery Fortier for the conversions!
  • Rule of 3 CafePress store-- All the swag that's fit to sport. If you have an idea for a Dust to Dust (or even Eclipse) item, contact us!
  • LARP links-- A list of other games in the Southeast US, run by Rule of Three productions or otherwise. If you run or know of a LARP in the area, let us know at d2d@ruleof3.net, and we'll be happy to link your game!