Dates and prices announcement

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Dates and prices announcement

Postby Kristyn McGeehan » Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:23 am

Dates for Eclipse and Dust to Dust
First off, I want to apologize for the incredible delay in these dates. We have a very good relationship with AHS park. Much like last year, they asked us to be involved with their work day. Part of that involvement put us in a position where we were unable to firm up our dates. This has been frustrating for us as well, but I recognize how very frustrating it has been for the plot teams and our players. We have the next date for each game right now. As soon as we get past this next Eclipse event, we will start booking the remainder of the season ASAP.

The initial dates available conflicted with Kate & John's wedding. We try our best to avoid major life events of long term players. That put us at back to back weekends. Not ideal. We recognize this and we endeavor to keep two weeks between games at all times, but made the decision in this instance to respect the previously announced wedding. I hope you can all understand why we went with this choice.

March 12 is a workday at AHS - the more volunteers we have, the more funding the park gets and the better condition it is in. More details to come on this

April 1-3 is DtD at AHS

April 8-10 is Eclipse at AHS

Price Change
Over the last year we have made the decision to start covering parking passes for all players and staff. We have also had to transfer props that were previously held within a home into a storage unit. Between these two expenditures, we realize we need to raise our prices slightly to $$65 prereg/$75 at the door. This still keeps us on par with other local games and allows us to continue offering quality games. You will see these prices reflected throughout the websites soon, with a consistent $5 increase across the board. We will continue to offer pre-registration, military, student, etc discounts and we will continue to maintain the Player Assistance Fund. This decision was not made lightly.

Donations and Questions
In reference to the Player Assistance Fund and Props Funds, donations to those are always welcome. Especially at the start of a season when we are booking sites heavily. I've been asked a few times if we offer tax receipts for donations and wanted to clarify that.

We are not a Nonprofit Entity. We investigated becoming a 501c7 social organization when we formed. I did a lot of research with a tax consultant on what our best options were. What we found was that the sheer amount of paperwork and time involved vs the very slight benefit would ultimately hinder us as an organization. So while we operate as a nonprofit in the truest sense (as in the owners do not draw a profit from the organization and we run the games to continue to fund the games) we are not legally a Nonprofit Organization for tax purposes.

I suspect the confusion arose while we were producing Persephone's Fall, which was sponsored through a 501(c)(3) entity that allowed us to fundraise for that one endeavor as a nonprofit. Let me tell you that the bookkeeping for that was excruciatingly precise!

Thank you
I think that is all the news I've got. As always, Joe, Dave, and I are available for any questions. There will be more posts about dates coming soon!
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