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New LARP Incoming

Postby Kristyn McGeehan » Thu May 28, 2015 8:02 am

Rule of 3 Productions is proud to announce our next Live Action Campaign – Calamity!. Initially conceived by Mike Haffey, with extensive input from Patrick Greer, Calamity will debut in 2017.

Welcome to the Weird West. The year is 1877, war continues to rage between the North and South, The Republic of Texas is fighting off the Aztec Empire, and everything west of the Mississippi has gone to hell since “The Calamity”.

It has been three years since that terrible night when the earth shook, stars fell and the geography of our country was changed forever. Survivors that fled told stories that those back East could scarcely credit. Tales of earthquakes that dropped California into the ocean. The Great Lakes flooded the shattered Nebraska Territory forming the Islands of Nebraska, a breeding ground for Air Pirates and unsavory types. Crazy stories of cannibals, nightmare creatures and even the dead men walking.

The political landscape changed as well. Most of the land west of the Mississippi and north of Texas has been reclaimed by the Tribes. Long oppressed by settlers and the Federal government, the Tribal Nations have established themselves as a power in this new world.

Recently gold has been discovered deep in the mountains of western Arkansas. Realizing the futility of stemming the tide of prospectors, settlers, and fortune seekers, one of the Tribal Nations has agreed to lease the land and allow the limited resettlement of the Whispering Hills.

The promise of wealth and the opportunity to escape the endless war offer an irresistible lure for the bold and the desperate. Those brave enough to go west will rub elbows with gunslingers, card sharks, and tribal warriors. Whispering Hills has many secrets luring occultists, inventors and treasure hunters. The Railroad Barons are again envisioning a cross continental line, and the mining companies will not hesitate to remove competition by any means.

This is your opportunity to leave the familiar behind and discover the secrets left by The Calamity!

NOTE: Calamity! takes place in an alternate history America. This was a thrilling time in history, but it was also a time of incredible intolerance and oppression. Here are the three most crucial divergences from our current timeline:
  • There are no racial divides, people of all colors and ethnicities are found in all cultures. There are cultural biases in the world but none based on race.
  • In the Declaration of Independence the founding fathers declared that all PEOPLE are created equal, there is no bias in terms of gender or sexual orientation.
  • Slavery is not an issue for this day and age having long been abandoned by man.
These changes were not made lightly but in an attempt to make all players feel welcomed to a safe and fun environment.

Calamity Staff is not going to be subdivided by plot, monstertown, or any other division. Staff members have all committed to contributing in a variety of manner that will bring them as much enjoyment in running the game as we hope you will have playing it and thus, are simply listed in alphabetical order.

Justin Brown
Jason Gray
Patrick Greer
Mike Haffey
Kristyn McGeehan
Angela Pearl
Dave Prewitt
Jeff Thompson
Briana Westmoreland

There are some key things we are committed to with this next venture:
  • 4 games per year only – the committee wants the time to put everything they have into each game.
  • Three or more of the staffers will be on site every Friday as early as the sites will allow to ensure that game-on happens at 10pm every event. It might start slow and quiet some games, but it might start with a bang!
  • Living up to the wonderfully high standards of presentation, props, costuming, and story that our other endeavors have set.

We are looking at trying some new things with rules. As with every game, we want the creators to have the freedom to push the rules so they can best tell their unique story. We are working on a website and blog through which we can start bringing you tidbits of information up to the full launch. Feel free to ask questions, but be patient with us! We’d rather hold off on answering some things until we can give you a fully developed reply.

In the interim, some teasers:
  • Cultures – Frontier Settlers, “City Folk” from New York or the Continent, Tribal Nations, and the Tsung Empire
  • Emphasis in the rules for the greater use of ranged weapons (Nerf). That isn’t to say a bowie knife or a tomahawk won’t have its place, but the spirit of the Wild West was all about the shootouts.
  • Mad Science – from Lightning Pirates to Frankenstein, Tesla to good ole Snake Oil this was an age of discovery
  • Religion & Magic – Thaumaturgy, Spell Slinging, Shamanism, Tsung Sorcery, and the Church of the Deliverer
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