AH Stephens Volunteer Day announcement

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AH Stephens Volunteer Day announcement

Postby Joe Mines » Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:45 pm

Rule of 3 is sponsoring a Volunteer Work Day at AH Stephens State Park on Saturday, March 11. This is the third year we are participating, and we'd like to invite all the members of our community and their families to be a part of giving back to our favorite event site. The park receives funding based on the raw number of volunteers that sign up - including children - so I encourage everyone to come out, even if it's only for a few hours Saturday. Last year our community provided 27 volunteers for the park, improving on our 2015 turnout. As was the case in 2015, our show of support meant a great deal to the long-time volunteers and the park rangers. As part of our arrangement with the park we have the park available to us Friday March 10 thru Sunday March 12. Many of our volunteers came out Friday night last year and had a great time socializing. If you don't have plans for that night, I'd encourage you to come on out.

The Work - Saturday is the work day. A.H. Stephens will work with us to coordinate resources and tasks, and a detailed breakdown of work that needs to be done will be made available Saturday morning. The type of work is what you would expect for preparing the park for the season – cleaning the cabins, clearing debris from paths, clearing cabin roofs of debris, checking structural soundness, repairing minor damages, etc. People with construction/electrical/plumbing skills are at a premium for this and we’d greatly appreciate your participation. Volunteers being organized into work groups, same as last year We’ll work until the assignments are done or the sun goes down (we finished up around 4pm last year).

Child Care - To assist with the volunteer effort, child care will be organized by Rule of 3. Jen Mines will head this up, with the stipulation of additional adult assistance based on the number of children in her care. We won’t know how many additional adults are needed until we know how many kids are present, so please let us know if you intend to bring your child(ren). Child care will be based in/around the tavern, which will also have electricity & water.

Housing & Food - The general plan as it stands now is for Area 2 to be available for those that want to come Friday night. Electricity, gas and water will be turned on in that area. The park will host us for lunch Saturday. You are welcome to bring whatever food you want and use the tavern/kitchen, just clean up as you go. The camp will be available for our use again Saturday night so feel free to stay if you want. As it is a volunteer day there is no charge for the cabins on site. If people want to rent a cottage that is their personal decision. Rule of 3 will not sponsor or support any activities off site.

Perks - There will be Rule of 3 game incentives awarded for participating at this volunteer event. I'll post the amount after I consult with both games; the intention is to make volunteering worth your time.

Thanks for all you do and we hope to see you there!

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