Community Prop Request

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Community Prop Request

Postby Colin McLaughlin » Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:12 pm

Hello everyone,

Everyone knows and loves the tarp cube, pioneered by our lovable hobo Garrick Andrus . The tarp cube affords standalone structure building, and several tarp cubes can be built and placed next to each other to create larger structures. In discussing this the hobo, it turns out that a single tarp cube takes around 45 minutes of time to create, and stands about 7 feet tall. Of course, this requires a bevy of tools, basic skills, and the knowledge to do so.

One of things I have long wanted to do is have a way to build quick, modular structures that require little to no skills. What I came up with is displayed in the pictures below. This is a series of interlocking PVC pipes, held in place by a simple screw. First time set up took 5 minutes, and expansion clocked in at under 2 minutes. The pipes are self-supporting (2" ID), and stand at 8.5 feet. The lowest modular setting still places them at roughly 8'. We don't want to supplant the tarp cube, but we want to make large, standalone structure that don't take hours upon hours to establish.

The goal is to then create hanging tarp walls for each piece that can be quickly hung and moved aside for any on-the-fly redesign that needs to occur. The total area covered would be right around 3600 sq. ft.

So why am I telling you all this instead of putting it into practice? Well, the below photos were the prototype, but this isn't a really cheap project. The goal is to have these be available not just for DtD, but for all Ro3 games current and future. Unfortunately, the Ro3 budget is tied up in site reservations currently. I'm turning to the community for aid.

Contributions made to this project will solely be used for this project. You will still receive buttons for any contribution to this project. The total goal is right around $500, but any further funds would be used to further expand the project.

If you can contribute, please consider doing so. Donations can be made via paypal to
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