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Traffic Information

Postby Jennifer Mines » Fri May 08, 2015 11:30 am

For those of you who might use the top end of 285 to reach AH Stephens this weekend
All the thanks to Amy Diaz for her information:

All lanes are closed on both I-285 Eastbound and Westbound due to a major accident involving a craft plane that has crashed into the interstate. Traffic on I-285 Eastbound is being diverted at Exit 29/Ashford Dunwoody Rd and can re enter the interstate at Peachtree Industrial Blvd and traffic on I-285 Westbound is closed at Exit 34/ Chamblee Tucker Rd and can also re enter at Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Please continue to check or call 511 for real time updates.

This will affect people that use I-285 on the north side of town to get to site. Most people that do that would be coming from I-75. Alternative Interstate paths would be to take I-75/I-85 through town to I-20. That can be really heavy on traffic, however it is the way Google is currently sending people.

You can also take I-285 to the west and take it to where it intersects I-20 on the west side of town, but that is significantly out of your way heading to AH Stephens.

The detour that they're proposing around the closed section is not very long, though it will disrupt traffic. Which way is the least traffic pain is going to be hard to guess. ... ople-dead/
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