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Dust to Dust one day cancellation

PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:28 pm
by Jennifer Mines
Well, this is very sad. We are canceling the July 30th one day, but adding November 4-6th (the registration website will be corrected) at AH Stephens state park. So, bad news and good news.

If you have preRegistered for this one day, we can certainly can prorate your admission to a future Dust to Dust date. PCs will still have the opportunity to gain the same character points build and Brandes and Plot will announce those terms shortly.

Site is no longer appropriately usable for our larp format. When weather cools down the building and surrounding area is appropriate, but until the building is cooled, we can not use it. Also, we are no longer allowed to do any module set up and have very limited combat area available. I wish the office and registration people had been able to tell me this instead of a chance discussion with a park ranger.

See you all on August 26th at AH Stephens! HURRAY!!!