The following pages of the website have been changed:

  • Technology – phrasing has changed to better indicate the specialties of each culture prior to life in the settlements. A section on the difference in cybernetics versus bionics has also been added.
  • Nasu – a section has been added on make-up requirements (and in-play recognition) for Nasu hosts other than human.
  • Beastiary – details have been added to the chills, shivers, and wraiths paragraph.
  • Planet Eclipse – A section on the various continents of Eclipse has been added.
  • New Player FAQ – Many of “The World” section questions have been updated for Arc 2’s story.

The following pages have been added to the website:

  • – Webway Terminology
  • – NPC Races
  • – FAQ for Interplanetary Travel
  • – Finding Props

Please let plot know if there are any questions. Thanks!