The following pages of the website have been changed:

  • Races – every Race individual page has been updated to both reflect the new rules and the story as it is now.
  • Corporations – corporations of the Origo galaxy have been moved to a new page. This page now only holds the remaining corporations.
  • Events – fixed an error with the discounts. These should now work right.
  • PC Checkout form – a new question has been added pertaining to if your character died at the last game and how they were brought back (if applicable).
  • Rulebook – the new Arc 2 rules are in place. We’re still updating General Rules of play, Wounds & Recovery, and the Effect List.

The following pages have been added to the website:

  • – Origo Corporations
  • – Monster Time sign up sheet

Please let plot know if there are any questions. Thanks!