The following pages of the website have been updated for Arc 2:

  • Setting – some changes to phrasing
  • Bestiary – some changes to phrasing
  • Economy – updated intro paragraph
  • Game Locales – updated information for the Floating Vagabond and Station Prime
  • Interplanetary Travels – some changes to phrasing
  • Planet Eclipse – added link to Game Locales for the Floating Vagabond
  • Psionics – some changes to phrasing
  • Races – added Suzaki and Atlantean
  • Character Creation – updated questions, new information on costs and restrictions
  • Writing a Character History – updated questions
  • An Event in Brief – updated food section as it pertains to NPCs

The following pages have been added to the website (and will adapt as the week goes on and more information is revealed):

  • – Atlanteans
  • – Suzaki
  • – Arc 2 Rules Previews and links to pages pertaining to them.

Anticipate several updates throughout the week.