The coming 4 day event in May takes place in-play at Station Prime on Eclipse. Located in Station Prime is an area called the Shields Platform. The Shields Platform has specially modified Force Field generators that affect the area in some unusual ways.

This post outlines the special rules that will apply to the Shields Platform area, so that players can familiarize themselves with them well in advance.



SHIELD CONTROL ARRAYS: There are two Shield Control Arrays represented by gray boxes with circuit boards in them. These are also what is providing a protective force field to two distant colonies on Prime. Any Armor Tech, Energy Tech, or Mech Tech can call a Voice Effect Shield if they take the time to switch the places of any two screws on the circuit board. The Shield only affects allies.

Reminder of the Shield effect:
Shield: This effect creates an invisible protective barrier around the target. This barrier protects the character from the first physical/natural attack to strike him, no matter how great the damage. This will not stop the effects of a point delivered effect or area of effect damage. Only one Shield effect may be active on a character at a time. Shields are always affected before Armor, Skins, or Toughness.

It is possible that other effects could be achieved by tweaking these control arrays in different ways.

These Shield Control Arrays could be destroyed if they suffered enough punishment.

PRIMARY SHIELD CONTROL: The Primary Shield Control Core is represented by the grill on the back porch of the lodge. The Primary Shield Control Core could be damaged, controlled, or compromised if a hostile had enough time to spend on it.

ORANGE ENERGIZED FORCE FIELD FIBER STRIPS: While preparing for the battle, you will be able to create force barriers out of a special Orange Energized Force Field Fiber (rep’d by Orange construction marking tape). An Armor Tech or Energy Tech can do this by tying three strips (high, middle, low) between two vertical objects (trees or posts or whatever).
These barriers will stop a person or machine from passing through them, or melee fighting through them. However, ranged attacks will still pass through them.
If something is attempting to destroy an Orange Energized Force Field Fiber Wall, it will need to destroy all three strips before the barrier is down.

Resources: It is currently estimated that the subroutine will be able to process between 6 and 10 spools of Orange Energized Force Field Fiber. As a point of reference, the amount of Force Field generated when you last visited the Shields Platform on your inspection was generated by 1 spool of Orange Energized Force Field Fiber.

EMPLACED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS: If you mount emplaced automatic weapons anywhere in the Shields Platform, they will not require a Power Pack to be used. They will be powered by the Shield Systems themselves. They will still require an ammo pack.