Genetic Disadvantage: Chemical Addiction: The Sacrament: This may be overcome with Wild Fennel. Any Suzaki may obtain Wild Fennel as a Between Game Action, which they will receive at the next game they attend. There may be other sources as well. Suzaki do not receive build for this Disadvantage.
Genetic Ability: Latent Mutation: Suzaki characters may select one of the following powers:

  • Small Claws – The character may use a pair of Small Claws. This ability takes no time to invoke.
  • Toughness 2 – The character gains 2 points of Toughness. This ability is always on. Toughness absorbs damage from attacks, allowing the character to take more damage before becoming Wounded, similar to a Skin effect. See the Effects List for a further description of Toughness.
  • Resist Disease – Once per day per time purchased, the character may Resist a Disease effect. Racial Resists are reset automatically at Sunset. The tagline to call when using a Resist is Resist.
  • Sidestep – Once per day per time purchased, the character may call a Missile Dodge. This does not count against the limit of 3 Defensive Maneuvers per combat.

The Suzaki are part of an ancient race called the Shavori who have served the Ahramnhi for untold millenia. When the Ahramnhi brought their slaves in armored droves to the Origo galaxy, they ravaged several planets leaving ruin in their wake. The planets fought back, and when they did, some Shavori saw their opportunity to defect from their long standing addictions to Ahramnhi rule. Those who succeeded renamed themselves the Suzaki while those who remained under Ahramni rule became known as Dyzanites. Now, the Suzaki live among the wilds of Eclipse, living in convoys and gaining contracts to transfer goods between settlements while dodging Ahramnhi enslavement. They are a resourceful people, despite their roving lifestyle, with many skilled craftsmen and artisans in their midsts. They’ve had a taste of freedom, and they intend to keep it.

To this end, they are trying to build new lives on Eclipse, albeit nomadically with anywhere from five to a dozen contraptions of various construction and mechanical make they call convoys which any fellow wanderer of the roads has likely seen. Most machines with large engines do not last very long on Eclipse without breaking down due to something the locals call “nanites,” so many convoys come in an assortment of assemblies – some pulled by giant red birds or other beasts of burden, while others have foot pedal systems and specialized mechanics. Having anything more advanced means having a trained tech in your company to make the repairs needed, and it just isn’t economically viable to try and utilize something of that size at that point.

Traveling the roads as often as they do, it’s natural that many of the convoys have given names to their homes and the roads themselves (usually one and the same). Many Suzaki will commonly introduce themselves by their convoy name when in polite company. It’s no surprise that many of the settlements have also picked up the names.

Road Names

The Old Road – road from Gate Town to the Compound – so named because it is the oldest and most established road, built in the times when the Imperials first came to Eclipse.

Fennel Swamp Road – road from Gate Town to White Falls – named for the swamps along the path and the wild herb that grows there.

Wolf’s Wood – road from the Compound to White Falls – named for all the dragonwolves that prowl that area.

Deep Road Traverse – road from Gate Town to Downings – named after the entry path into Downings.

Madman’s Run – road between White Falls and Downings – so named because only a crazy Suzaki would take on the risks of delivering so close to White Falls where an Ahramnhi is known to be.

Five Stones Reach – road between Downings and the Compound – a popular landmark for camping at the halfway point between settlements, where five stone peaks line the horizon to the west of the road.

Vagabond Rim – “road” between Gate Town, Iron Town, and the Floating Vagabond – this is actually a Web Way path and most Suzaki who are part of this company are also adept at astrogation.

Redbird Fields – road between Iron Town and Elder’s Grove – the fields along this road are a popular feeding ground for the wild red birds that are sometimes trained to pull a Suzaki convoy.

Switchback Bluff – road between Iron Town and Morgan’s Landing – so named for a large cliff the convoys have to traverse along this path.

Maru Wall – road between Iron Town and the Kree Archive – Maru attacks are so common along this road that a protective wall has been built along some sections of the path.

Sea Briar – road between Morgan’s Landing and the Library (Kree Archive) – a good portion of this road runs along the shoreline cliffs from western to northern Mu.

Three Rivers – road between the Kree Archive and Elder’s Grove – convoys must navigate/ford three rivers to make the journey.

Marauder Rail – lesser traveled road between Gate Town and Station 19 – most Suzaki convoys only make this run for a high price, and only if the rail train to Station City (at the base of Station 19) isn’t running. You’re prone to Marauder attacks here.

Suzaki typically dress in rugged traveler’s (think gypsies) clothes, both traded and hand-made. Several have found they favor the pockets of Yazatas fashion, and many carry satchels or pouches of various kinds – sewing makeshift pockets into their vests and skirts.

This genetic background and culture require Plot Approval. A Suzaki can only come from the Suzaki culture, and only the Shavori genetic background can take the Suzaki cultural background.