2016 Eclipse Character Survey

What are your current character's life goals? Have any of them been achieved thus far?
Has your character suffered a death in the past? Has this changed their view of themselves or the world?
Does your character have a love interest? If so, is the interest returned? Is it secret?
Is there something your character has been pursuing for some time and gotten little or no progress in finding?
Are there any specific mysteries of the world that your character is currently pursuing?
Does your character have specific fears, phobias, or quirks?
Are there any specific PCs or NPCs that your character has issue with or perhaps wants to eliminate?
Are there any unusual endeavors that your character would adamantly refuse to engage in?
Does your character have any specific enemies? (PCs, NPCs, groups or entire nations)
Does your character currently have any oaths or promises they are bound to?
Is your character superstitious about specific things in the world (even if it tends to be cultural)?
Is there a PC or NPC your character has unwavering loyalty for?
Is there a cause or individual your character would be willing to die for?
Has your character ever had a religious experience even if they don't have True Faith listed on their character card?
Does your character live by a certain code of honor or ethics?
If you had to pick the most memorable moment of your current character's career, what would it be?
Does your character have any strange or Archeotech items in their possession?
What has been your favorite monster or NPC to portray?
What does your character consider the most frightening/disturbing thing that they have ever heard of?
Are there plotlines or specific NPCs that you actively avoid or shy away from while playing your character?