The Library stands

Leaders of the Library have issued a short statement. “These accusations are false. We do not recognize the authority of any other settlement over the Library. We have an Atomic weapon, and if we are threatened, we will use it to defend our home against Tyranny. We praise Ehieh, and call on him to bless our actions. In this time of growing chaos, only we can do what must be done. To protect our families, our friends, our sacred charge.

Downings supports Elder’s Grove

A joint statement has been issued by Gary Sigsour, and elders of the Quar’ri. Downings stands by it’s brethren in Elder’s Grove. To stand against this new Imperial aggression. Political change is coming to Downings, and those who would tear down the new order need to leave, or they will find themselves righteously dealt with. Also, Joran’s Rest has been getting a lot of buzz as the new place to be. With so much conflict between the gangs of Downings, it’s good to have a place to settle down and talk. A neutral ground, in a place where people are increasingly being forced to take sides.

Elder’s Grove Speaks

Maxwell Quintain, mayor of Elder’s Grove, and the head of the Elder’s Grove Defense Force, has recently given a press conference. In it, he showed proof of a plot originating in the Library. There had been a force called Forza, which was being hired and trained not only for the eventual suppression of House Kree, but also to be a secret force which destabilized other settlements. They were behind the recent assault on Elder’s Grove. Investigators have determined that the attack on the Meurlain was a cover to assassinate Mayor Green. Elder’s Grove spies have had vengeance on the one directly responsible, Wilhelm Bremmer, an aide to Juras Vinro. They have since found proof that Vinro himself has been behind the turbulence, and is responsible for a string of murder and mayhem. It was their plan to put the other settlements in place, murder the leaders of House Kree, and declare a new Empire. With Juras Vinro as it’s Emperor. Now, the evil scheme has been disrupted. Elder’s Grove is mustering forces, and has released an arrest warrant for Vinro, his close family, and associates. It declares the lawfulness of this action, and that anyone blocking this important act of law should also surrender, or face arrest or death. The men of Kotantown and Konjito stand ready to serve this warrant. The Yazata have resisted, and many claim that Elder Cypress is urging for caution and more facts. But action is imminent, as these vile perpetrators must be apprehended, at […]

Fomorians Withdraw from Atlantis

Seemingly overnight, the fortifications that the Fomorians constructed in Atlantis have been abandoned. Most of the Formorians left over two or three days, traveling back to Fomoria. Defense forces dogged their way, and a good number will never raid again. Those that remained at the fortress were quickly overwhelmed by the superior Atlantean forces that had been gathering to deal with the invaders. No reason was given, but the Atlanteans are celebrating their victory regardless. There has not been such a significant action from Formoria in decades, and scholars hope that they will return to their continent, and resume killing each other for decades to come. In other news, both the Memnonides and Magistera Techna have continued marshaling their forces. Perhaps there is another invasion imminent, but no additional information has been released.

New School for Psionics

The Meurlain of Morgan’s Landing, working with the Dahhak, have established a New Psionic Academy in Morgan’s Landing. They mean to compete for students who currently travel to Elder’s Grove, or the Compound. Konjito and the Ithaquan Institute are said to be welcoming the competition. Master Talat Nambesa of the Ithaquan Instutite spoke publicly on the subject. “We welcome a new home for knowledge, here on this strange world we inhabit. We hope it can promote peaceful competition, and mutual understanding. That which brings us closer together in peace is that which is good.” The new institute is as-yet unnamed, but it is said that they have employed some of the best Psions on the planet. Between this, and the world-famous Gunsel Academy, Morgan’s Landing is getting a reputation for excellence. Who would have thought that such a disparate group would maintain their identities, and also relative peace. Of course, that’s only relative to Eclipse. Anywhere else, threats of planetary annihilation, and being attacked by the Slu’ak plague, would make a place less than desirable. With rumors of conflict swirling around some of the other settlements, Morgan’s Landing may be a better place to live in peace.

Solarii throws a party

A Solarii faction party was all the rage at years end. Dj Skyler was hired, and throwing down some phantom beats. Cherise and Clarise were there, of course, after their legendary estrangement from Sigsour Party Drinks. Nog’s Grog represented, with a bevy of fine looking folk in the house. They were introducing their new line of booze, starting a dark beverage called ‘Black Tam’. The Pinks made a show, leading a few well-chained men through some numbers. There was talk some of the Gatetown colonists may have been present, but nothing could be confirmed. It seemed that the highest of high society was there. Richter made an appearance, as did Patrick Anh, of the Franja Partiers. They were on opposite ends, of course. It seems that everybody who was anybody was there, joining fascinating conversation after fascinating conversation. Of course, Richter brought some of his Imperial Thugs, and of course they were the first to spoil the good mood. It was all the hosts could do to keep Patrick’s fine men from bringing the cart down on that party. Nadia Solarii herself was seen speaking to those involved in the conflict, and many others. And then there were the Kshathrans. Not known as the most fun-raising folks, they were doing their best to throw down on the dance floor. Soon Cherise and Clarise joined them, and of course everyone has seen the pictures of what happened next. It was a night to remember, so crescent fresh, and it may be […]

Formorian Threat Continues

There have been reports of a great deal of activity around the Fortress that the Formorians have constructed in the principality of Crannog. Thousands of them are said to be gathered there, under a warchief. Reports of raiding, murder, and other nefarious activities have come from the area. Atlantean forces are currently observing the fortress, but military forces are being marshaled to deal with it, once and for all.

News from Elder’s Grove

Elder’s Grove has been active lately, with life returning to normal after the recent assault. Signs of the attack have been cleaned up, for the most part, and life seems to be returning to normal. New Mayor Maxwell Quintain has issued verbal statements regarding potential war between the Compound and Downings. “We shall not be involved in this conflict between the Kshathrans and the Dahhak, unless we are forced to become involved. This bickering has spread to the Imperial and Fringe peoples, who are being forced to choose sides as the atrocities continue. We are calling on the Dahhak aggressors to back down, so that peaceful business may continue.” In other news, preparations for the upcoming Feast of Pleasure have spread to all quarters. Primarily a Meurlain celebration, the Yazata and Fringers waste no excuse for a good party. A number have embraced this tradition, and are being encouraged by New Mayor Maxwell Quintain. The Community Center, still closed for construction, should be opened in time. Mayoral aide Harlan Dobey made a statement. “The community center will be a place for peace. Where all people can gather, to learn and to grow.”

Suzaki Organize

Anyone watching the roads of Eclipse has seen the Suzaki. Once seen as alien invaders of our home galaxy, these days they are more often seen as key to trade between settlements and across continents. With the general rise in tensions, they are seen as outside the squabbles of the Origo galaxy. Two months ago, Suzaki representatives of all the major convoys gathered in Gatetown for what became an almost month long festival, reunion, and meeting. Despite the celebratory atmosphere, they spent a great deal of time in serious discussion of the future. After much deliberation, the Suzaki have made a number of decisions regarding their collective future. They have made proclamations, so that their decisions can be shared openly with the other peoples of Eclipse. They have expressed a desire to continue to work with other peoples in peace, to promote a continued partnership. The Suzaki have created a council of tweve. One Councilor has been elected from each major road. Only Marauder Rail has no representative, as they are almost never traveled anymore, and no convoys are devoted to the route. There will be an organization with officials who serve each Councilor. During their first official meeting, they have elected Sydney Mender as the Magistrate of the Council. The Suzaki will continue to operate on the roads as they have. They have publicly requested that complaints, trade agreements, and other business should be directed towards the Councilor responsible for a particular road. They have also stated that this […]


Elder’s Grove has released a tally of those slain in the brutal recent assault. Hundreds were wounded, and over a dozen restored to life by the quick intervention of local doctors and psions. Maxwell Quintain has been named Mayor, and has declared a state of emergency. Recruits are volunteering for the defense force by the hundreds. Memorials were held at the Church of Sedu, and in the Oshito monastery. Thousands were in attendance, including officials from almost all of the major settlements. A delegation from the Library was turned away on the road outside Elder’ Grove, citing ‘security concerns’. Among the Meurlain, we mourn: Master Mei Lin, Chey Sovannarith, Kho Sheu-fuh, Siu Hang Yaochuan, Nang Hyung Ki, Changgok Suk Chul, Trieu Suong, P’yo Hyun Ah, Aek Roumjong, Duong Roumjong, Rous Ruomjong, Jali Bukha, Kahndo Shakabpa, Lac Manh Tho, Sang Chanvatey, Kuo Duan Guo, Woon Ru, Cian Luk Tingzhe, Wan Ruathin, Wan Si Pei, Mangjol Min’gyu, Okana Dai, Hashi Sinjiru, Keo Peou, Siu Chao-xing, and noted explorer Tsuka Takeo. Missing and presumed dead is Witness Seryn Vedae. Among the Fringers and their allies, we mourn: Mayor Green, Gus Cooper, Chally Cooper, Theresa Cooper, Hamza Xarek, Farima Majai, Sully Niedermar, Bobby Sigsour, Lesley the Knife, and Vikk Allard. Among the Yazata, we mourn: Dr. Fernaeus “Fernie” Rosids, Reuben DGC Springflower, Diaspora Jones, and Junie HVDSA Wyllabud. We also mourn the seven people who were found that could not be identified. They are all victims of a terrible crime. One that Mayor Quintain has […]

Invasion of Atlantis

There have been numerous reports of fighting near the recently reclaimed city of Crannog. The attackers are said to be the Formori, the monstrous people that dwell on the continent Formoria. Formoria, for those without modern maps, is to the north and northwest of Atlantis. Formoria is also located close to the east of the continent of Mu, where there are four major Origo settlements. Morgan’s Landing, Omanganva, Elder’s Grove, and to a lesser extent The Library, are all located within striking distance of Formoria. Hyperborea is the continent with Gatetown, The Compound, White Falls, and Downings. It’s position on almost the other side of the world means that they will be less threatened by these savages. Unless they have learned how to travel through gates, that is. The Formori are said to be a hideous people, who show little mercy on raids, and are known to consume their enemies. Reports are that they have landed in strength on the shore of Atlantis, and are building some kind of fortress. The Formori are known to frequently raid other peoples, but usually they are fairly small. They burn out any homes they can find, and steal everything they can carry away. This behavior is said to be unusual for them. We will report more as information comes in. In other news, the Swordbrethren have reportedly accepted their first non-human student. Art Wormwood, a Yazata child from Elder’s Grove, is reported to have recently begun to exhibit psionic ability, and the signs point towards Mag Moytura. […]

Mayhem in Konjito

An attack has struck Konjito, and different points in Elder’s Grove. At about 3am local time, on the same night that the New Arc Terminus was added in Omanganva, some number of attackers dressed in black assaulted Elder’s Grove. Reports vary from less than a dozen to over a hundred enemy soldiers, who stormed the outside gate leading into Konjito. They quickly overcame the guards, and struck into Konjito. Scores are reported dead or missing, hundreds are wounded. Explosives were used in a seemingly indiscriminate manner. No one is certain as to who the mysterious attackers were. Three bodies have been recovered, but if there was any information gleaned from the corpses, it has not yet been shared. Reports are still coming in, but we can confirm that Master Mei Lin and Mayor Green were among the deceased. There is a lot of fear here, in a community ravaged by the Adam plague, Thinking Machines, and the vagaries of Eclipse. And now this senseless assault. Many of the dead are from the Meurlain community, and they are seeking to understand who has attacked them. There are reports that psionics were ineffective against them, but fringers deny that any of their null mutants would have taken part in this horrific action. Some note that the Arc Terminus was connected with Atlantis around the time of the assault, but no concrete information has been announced. We will wait for more information before we act, but those who perpetrated this carnage should be […]