Update from Atlantis


The six settlements on Hyperborea and Mu have announced that they are each sending delegations to the meetings in Atlantis. Negotiations are expected to continue for days, but they have released tentative times when each delegation will be available to meet the public. They will be available in the Atlantean main hall. These times include the official delegates only. Unofficial delegates are not listed.

Downings 11:30pm friday
Tom Rokos

The Compound 11:30am saturday
Lt. Saddik Sanjani

The Library 1:00pm saturday
Madeline Evers-Kree
Juris Vinro
Trevor Cormac

Morgan’s Landing 2:30pm saturday
Samir Abbasi
Lan Xiabo

White Falls 4:00pm saturday
Lord Jastor
Samuel Warder

Elder’s Grove 8:00pm saturday
Zebulon Mandragora
Vincent Dobey

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