3 Dead in Firefight


Violence erupted today at a rave held in little Naraka. According to eyewitness reports, members of a local gang held the rave. When members of a rival gang attempted to force their way into the dance, violence erupted. Someone threw a grenade, and a firefight ensued. Dozens were wounded in the worst act of violence for the last few months.

Local gang leader ‘Trev’ agreed to be interviewed by this reporter. “We were just there, enjoying this killer new brew made by this guy from Erlik, ya know? And there was this explosion. And we said ‘Whoa, we better bug out man.’ And there was all this shooting, and then my buddy Red got shot in the head. I mean, his head totally exploded. And we were like ‘whoa, this is no bueno man’. And this guy we met totally helped us out. I mean, this aggression really will not stand, ya know what I mean?”

Local authorities are looking into the incident which they are calling spontaneous, and not part of a greater trend. Even still, the murder rate here is on the rise. And the citizens of Downings are looking for someone to keep them secure. The Rangers of Avalon better step up their game.

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