Investigation Concludes


The investigation into the fire at Power Control Junction #3 has concluded. Six suspects have been indicted, all of them citizens of Downings. Persons unknown stirred Jeth Yitzar and others into acts of violence. The Compound is offering a reward of 100 MU for person or persons that offer definite proof on the identities of these people.

Mr. Yitzar plead guilty to all charges. His co-defendants did not present themselves before the court, and were sentenced in absentia. Mr. Yitzar was convicted of unintentional murder and assault of sentient beings. All the co-defendants were sentenced to death by hanging, but Mr. Yitzar’s sentence was suspended. He has been remanded into the custody of the Elders of the Quarry, in Downings, for their trial and punishment.

This course was plead by Saddik Sanjani, newly appointed military public relations head. “What these people did was wrong, and we will not stand for this senseless aggression. However, we will work within the community of the settlements on Eclipse, and with the Rangers, to see that justice is done, not vengeance. We thank those who captured Mr. Yitzar, and are working with the Compound to ensure that those who practice aggression against other sentients are not tolerated.”

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